The wait is over, as the Power of Veto competition on Big Brother 2015 has been played and a winner ofr Week 4 on Big Brother 17 has been crowned. Will they be changing the noms for Week 4 now? Check out the results below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - 7:12:2015 Live Feeds Recap 6

We announced the PoV players for Week 4 earlier today and now the results are in. The winner of the Power of Veto for Week 4 is Vanessa!!!

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So, what does this mean? I am not quite so sure, as she has been acting shady today and I don’t know if she is planting seeds to blowup later. Either way, she has been in the talks to backdoor Audrey. However, she was telling Shelli that she wanted to win it and let Shelli decide to use it or not. It all seemed weird, so I am torn on where we go from here and if they’ll follow through with the BD Audrey plan. I don’t like Vanessa being involved!

What do you think of the results for the PoV on Big Brother 17?


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