Since things are all out of whack this week on Big Brother 2015 and we have two eviction shows over the next two nights, I wanted to get the Super Fan POV in there for Week 12 on Big Brother 17! So, final five HGs and they give their thoughts on where the game stands right now! Check out the Super Fan POV for Week 12 below in our Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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For this week’s Super Fan POV, I am recycling again! Coming back for the second time this season is Matthew Paquette, who shared his thoughts back in Week 4! I thought it would be interesting to see his take on things right now compared to what he thought back in Week 4, which you can click here to reread those thoughts! Here are his latest thoughts:

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Alright, so it’s the final 5…and I didn’t get to spread my dislike for the way the twin twist ended…I hated it! I think Julia could have had a good game had she played alone, but I respect her giving it to Liz…but I hope Liz does not make it to the end. So, we have another week with Vanessa as HOH…I can”t take it. Everytime I see her face, she is crying. I want her gone, but that is not an option this week, so here it goes….my thoughts on the final 5…and BTW…I have no clue who will make it to the end, and I do like that!

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VANESSA – I can’t stand her….but I cannot deny that she has dominated this season. I respect her game, but I hate it and want her gone. She should have been gone a long time ago, but because they kept her, she seems more and more deserving. She reminds me of hating Rachel, but realizing that she made it to the end, she deserves it (Stupid ass Porsche ruined her only chance of winning, but I can’t correct past seasons mistakes). I hope they get rid of her next week, but if not, good game girl and win it all. I just hate your whiny, conniving face.

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