It was a busy day in the Big Brother 2015 house for Da’Vonne Rogers on Monday and maybe she can use all this information and details to spark a fire under her and keep her safe come Thursday night’s live eviction show on Big Brother 17! We all know about the Twin Twist this season, but did Da’Vonne figure out it was Liz that had the twin? Check out the details below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Twin Twist Revealed

Besides Day being the lucky recipient of the seventh call for the BB Takeover, which took place last night, it seems like Day may have figured out the Twin Twist and worked through those thoughts with Jason on the Live Feeds yesterday afternoon!

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To start, Liz and Julia made their switch during the afternoon and Day happened to notice something different. She went to Jason with the details in the Have-Not room and they discussed things (Flashback to 3:23pm BBT on Cams 3/4). Da’Vonne said that her face seems to change from day-to-day.

From there, the house goes on lockdown and they continued their talk in the backyard on the couches (Flashback to 3:46pm BBT). They compare notes with each other and how Liz/Julia forgot about throwing a pillow, but remembered it later on. Then she noticed how their roots seem to be different. Jason has said that his favorite season was BB5, which was the original Twin Twist season, and production took note of that.

Earlier in the day, the HGs were chatting about the audition process and how they were put into groups and who they remember seeing during that time. Liz/Julia didn’t happen to remember seeing anyone during that process, but all the other HGs remembered seeing other current HGs. So, did one sister go through the whole audition process and then the other sister was in hiding???

Either way, Jason and Day were totally coming up with something, but what do they do with this info? Later on in the night, Day tried to ask Liz/Julia about a fake show they did in the backyard the night before and what role she played during it. She was trying to test her, but Jackie jumped in and answered for her very quickly.

So, what does this all mean? Not much right now, but this could help Day. She got the power for the Last Laugh, so she can take away three votes against her. She could try and blackmail Liz/Julia into voting out Meg and then get some of her allies to vote Meg out too.

As far as the Twin Twist goes, Julie Chen never mentioned anything about them getting discovered being a bad thing. They just have to make it through the fifth eviction and if they do, then they get to enter the Big Brother 2015 house and play as individuals. People can know they are twins and both playing, but if they don’t get evicted, then they both play.

***Update: Overnight, the whole house went crazy with this information. Jason started telling people about it and the only people that don’t know are Audrey, Austin, Becky, John and Vanessa. You can Flashback to 3:50am BBT and see them all comparing photos on the Memory Wall. They think it is a combination of both of them into one photo. The HGs don’t want this info to get back to Liz/Julia and they plan on questioning her big time on Tuesday to make sure they can’t trade all the details during a switch and catch them in the act! Jason thinks the twist might be moved up even sooner since they all know, so they all want Liz/Julia out next. Day said this could have kept her in the game had Liz been the renom instead of Meg (yup)!

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