The HGs have been whittled down to the Final 3 on Big Brother 2015 and one of them will be named the winner of Big Brother 17 this Wednesday night. Could it possibly be Superfan Steve Moses, who most of us thought would be eliminated within the first few weeks of the show? Check out the details below in my Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Why Steve Moses Will Win Big Brother 17

At the beginning of Big Brother 2015, I thought there was no way Steve could win this season. He was a big nerd that had zero social skills and made it awkward for other HGs to be around him. He was referred to as a rat and everyone thought he was bad news. However, he made it to F3 and now he is fighting for a spot in the F2!

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Why Steve will win Big Brother 2015:

  • The final round of the HOH should be some kind of random questions. Steve seems to be good at these types of comps, so I think he can win and decided who to take with him to F2.
  • He has a pretty good comp resume to show the jury, as he won six comps along the way (three HOHs, two POVs and one BotB). He also was nominated five times and ended up still on the block at eviction night for two of those times.
  • To be honest, I have been very impressed with his speeches on eviction nights. I think he can come up with a pretty good speech that will sway the jurors and get them to give him the $500,000.
  • Also, his away messages for the evicted HG each week have been very well said and have brought a tear to my eye sometimes. He truly doesn’t have anyone that hates him, besides maybe Julia.
  • This socially awkward trombonist made it to the end….give him the money!

Why Steve will not win Big Brother 2015:

  • He ends up in a F2 with Vanessa. If that happens, she’ll take the crown away from him.
  • He was labelled a rat at the beginning of the season and no one likes a rat, so no money for him!
  • The other two HGs have more support in the jury then Steve. Vanessa had her hands in all of their evictions, so they’ll respect that and vote her the winner. Liz has Julia and Austin there to sway the jurors to vote for her, so they get enough votes to make her the winner over Steve.
  • His nerves will get to him and his head will explode during finale night and he can’t compete in the final HOH round and Vanessa automatically wins the money.

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