These HGs on Big Brother 2015 keep evicting the people that we tend to like this season, so it is making it more and more difficult to vote in this weekly poll for our LEAST favorite player on Big Brother 17. Our normal leaders are still in the game and aren’t heading anywhere this week, so get ready to votes on them again next week! So, who is your least favorite player on Big Brother 17? Vote in our Week 11 poll below in our Big Brother 2015 spoilers!

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Big Brother 2015 Spoilers - Week 11 Least Favorite Player Poll

To be honest, it was a battle of three certain HGs (Vanessa, Austin and Liz). For the Week 10 poll, we had almost 1,000 votes and Vanessa lead the way with 40.74% of the votes. Austin was in second, yet again, with 27.61% of the vote. Liz gained a lot of votes this week and secured her third place finish with 22.03% of the vote. Add that up and that is a little over 90% of the vote going to three HGs! I expect the same thing this week!

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So, who is your least favorite player on Big Brother 17? Time to tell us and vote in out Big Brother 2015 poll right here:

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