This week, Natalie Negrotti made a major Big Brother 18 game move when she nominated  Paul Abrahamian. However, immediately, she began to regret it. Paul played up his “loyalty” to Natalie and James Huiling to get everyone  back on board with the plan to evict  Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks until they make it to the final five Big Brother 2016 players.

BB18-Power of Veto wk 9

After Paul’s talks with Michelle and Natalie, they seemed back on track to backdoor Corey. However, earlier today, James started to get Natalie back on track with the plan to evict Paul. Right now, Paul’s only hope from eviction is to win this week’s Big Brother 2016 Veto competition.

The odds seem heavily in favor of a Paul Veto win tonight. The Power of Veto competition started last night. All night, Big Brother played storm watch announcements.

The Big Brother 18 players had to memorize them because the Veto competition would be based around the storm watch announcements. Paul and Victor Arroyo have the best chance of winning this competition.

Paul obsessed over memorizing all the details, and Victor had a great strategy to memorizing all the facts. We expected one of them to win this week’s Power of Veto competition.

In addition to Michelle, Victor, Paul, and Natalie playing, Corey and James were chosen to play. This left Nicole as the only one not playing this week’s Power of Veto competition.

The Veto competition lasted for over four hours. The winner was…Paul!

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