Over the years we have gotten used to Jeff conducting the post finale interviews, but Jeff has moved on to bigger and better things and Big Brother decided that Dr. Will was a good replacement. If you missed the 2 hour live feed on Big Brother’s Facebook, you’re in luck because I have the full video for you below!

Big Brother 2017 BB19 Post Finale Interviews With Dr. Will!

The interviews started with Julie who voiced her opinion as to why she thinks the votes went the way they did. If you don’t want any spoilers of the Big Brother finale, then I suggest you stop reading now because this video is full of them! If you want to know the results of the Big Brother 19 finale, you can find them here with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

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We started Julie’s interview with Dr. Will asking Julie if she was surprised with the decision and she said she was and wasn’t. She said that she thought it would either be Paul by a landside or Josh in a close vote. She continues with how she felt if Paul wasn’t so cocky and a little more apologetic to the jury and owned up to his game play, they would have been more open to it. Julie also thinks that when Josh was being emotional with the jury with his speech that Paul shouldn’t have been making faces in the background. Then talks go into how Big Brother is a better dating game than The Bachelor.

Dr. Will then goes through the entire cast and asked them if they were more happy about Josh winning or Paul losing. Most of them talk about how Paul did play a masterful game, but they also mention how there were a lot of things about his game that they didn’t like. Cameron said that he didn’t think that the jury was bitter, he thinks that Paul had poor jury management. He specifically mentions how if Paul owned up to his game in his GBM instead of continuing to lie to them, the jury might have been more open to his game.

The interviews went on and Dr. Will cracked jokes with the HGs, talked about how which shows the HGs would like to go on to and if they would be willing to come back next year if CBS called them. Am I the only one that cringed at the thought of one of them coming back for BB20? Some said that they would love to go on to SurvivorThe Amazing Race and even Mark had Dr. Will campaigning for him to get on Young and the Restless.

The interviews were worth a watch and if you missed them, you can check out the entire two hours of interviews right here!

Again, I want to thank you all for an amazing Big Brother 19 season! I can’t wait until Celebrity Big Brother this winter and hope to see all of you here! Here is a look at all of the HGs with Dr. Will in the Big Brother 19 backyard!

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