This week we have had quite a bit of drama with Paul as HOH on Big Brother 19. From the start he made it known that he wanted to put Cody on the block, but didn’t want to give him the opportunity to win POV. Now it is Eviction day and we will also name a new HOH later tonight. Keep following my Big Brother 2017 spoilers for the details!

Big Brother 2017: Who Will Be Evicted - Week 2 (POLL)

With there being a third HG on the block this week on Big Brother 2017, anything can happen. There have been talks of hinky votes and some HGs are thinking about voting against the rest of the house. Things are going to be heated tonight and that’s the only guarantee! Let me know who you think will be voted out of the Big Brother 19 house tonight!

Big Brother Live Feeds

Tonight’s eviction could go in any direction, but we are all expecting Cody to be evicted. There was some talk yesterday on the live feeds about trying to flip the votes, will it happen? It’s Big Brother, anything can happen. While we wait for the live eviction show tonight, lets have a poll! Let me know who you think will be evicted from the Big Brother 2017 house right here!

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