Thursday night’s show brought us our second eviction vote of the season and our third HOH was named. When the feeds came back on, a few HGs didn’t feel very safe and some drama took place after HNs were named. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds right here!

There was a brief return of the feeds right after the show (6:07 PM BBT) ended and we got a look at a conversation between Nicole and Ian. Apparently Nicole named Janelle as her replacement HN and said some things that she instantly regretted because it fueled the fire between her and Janelle. The feeds went back down until 9 PM BBT.

When the feeds came back up we get a look at a conversation between Janelle and Kevin. They are talking about the ongoing tension between Janelle and Nicole. Janelle tells Kevin it has to do with their time on The Amazing Race and how Nicole backstabbed Rachel and her sister.

During this conversation, Kevin asked Janelle to be honest with him about something. He tells her that NicA would always tell him things that Janelle and Kaysar would say about him and he tells her that he didn’t appreciate it. She tells him that she was upset because several people told her that Kevin was going around telling people that Janelle and Kaysar were close to Memphis and needed to be targeted. Kevin tells her that he never used that language when talking about them. Janelle tells him that she got over it though and that they need to stick together because they need each other.

While this conversation is going on, (it lasts a while) Cody, Ian, Dani, and Nicole all form an alliance. Ian tells them that if they need to work a fifth person in, they can try and work Tyler in.

Janelle is still talking to Kevin and she is telling him about how little game sense Memphis has. She tells Kevin that she can’t believe that Memphis doesn’t think a big alliance exists and Kevin wonders if Memphis has something going on with that alliance (ding ding ding!). Janelle is confused as to why Cody would play in the Safety Suite if Memphis was part of that alliance. Kevin tells her it was probably to cover up the alliance (tell him what he’s won, Johnny!). They also wonder why Christmas is no longer open with them and they wonder if Christmas is in that alliance.

The feeds went down around 10:20 PM BBT and came back up at 10:37 PM BBT and Tyler was sitting in his HOH room. Kevin comes in with a 12 pack of Vizzy’s and they start talking. Tyler tells Kevin that he has nothing to worry about this week, he doesn’t want Kevin going home this week. Tyler asks Kevin if he voted for NicA to stay and Kevin admits that he did and tells Tyler that he couldn’t do her dirty like Janelle and Kaysar did. He tells Kevin that he’s going to take care of those two. Tyler tells him that he has no idea who the other vote was. Tyler goes through his HOH goodies in the kitchen instead of in his HOH room. For some reason, they didn’t do a big reveal of Tyler’s room like they usually do.

Tyler talks to Nicole next about his nom plans and how he is sticking to the plan of Janelle and Kaysar. Nicole tells him that Janelle needs to go because if the next twist is an America’s vote twist, Janelle will get it (she probably isn’t wrong there). She also warns Tyler that Janelle and Kaysar will make up lies about him.

Christmas comes and talks to Tyler about noms and she is pushing for Janelle to go this week also. Cody joins the talks and tells Tyler that Ian told him that if Janelle won HOH she was going to nominate Cody and Tyler. They agree that Janelle being better at comps than Kaysar makes her a bigger threat.

Dani warned Tyler that Day could be coming for them soon. Tyler talks to Ian next and Tyler confirms his noms with Ian and then Ian tells him that Janelle and Kaysar have told him that Tyler and Cody are a pair in the house.

Enzo and David come in and talk to him also and discuss what they should do if Enzo wins the Safety Suite this week. Tyler tells him that as long as Enzo doesn’t pick Janelle or Kaysar and they laugh. Enzo wonders if he should give it to Memphis, but they are worried that they would be selling out their alliance. Enzo then talks about throwing it so that he doesn’t have to make that choice. It’s only Enzo, Dani, Nicole, and Memphis playing.

Tyler and Bay talk and he tells her that this is an easy week for them. He tells her that he feels good about their six too. Bay asks Tyler who his target is and he tells her that if the next twist is America’s vote then Janelle will win it. He prefers to get her this week but if she wins POV, then Kaysar will go. They talk about what happened during their season and Tyler tells her that he was nervous about where she was when he found out that she was going to be on this season. She tells him that she wasn’t nervous at all because she was over it. He said that he loves her and Swaggy as people and their problem was all game-related.

The HGs spent some time hanging out and chatting before going to bed for the night. We shouldn’t expect any surprises this week, even after the Safety Suite is played. I will have spoilers for you throughout the day on the Safety Suite results and Noms!

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