It was an early morning in the Big Brother 22 house as the HGs had to prepare for a new twist being unleashed on the house. After the BB Basement comp, we got some details about two of the three powers and which Big Brother All-Stars received them. During the feeds being down, there was some drama in the house and then the Noms Ceremony. Keep reading our Big Brother spoilers to get all the information!

We started the morning with a 7 AM BBT wakeup call and while the HGs dragged themselves out of bed and got ready for the day, everyone suspected something big was going to happen.

The feeds cut to pet loops for the BB Basement competition to take place around 9:05 AM BBT. The feeds didn’t return until about 1:30 PM BBT. When they came back we noticed that there had been some drama in the house before or during the competition, we aren’t exactly sure.

Apparently, Bay went to Dani and told her that she heard from three other HGs that Dani was targeting her. Dani told her that she heard that Bay was coming after her too. This apparently caused an explosion of emotions because Bay and Dani were both crying on opposite ends of the house.

Cody and Christmas are talking in the DR when Memphis walks in. They talk a bit about the comp and then a bit about the Bay/Dani drama. Christmas mentions that the DRs (to find out if they won a power) are taking forever. Cody reminds her that they are being timed (that way everyone is in there for the same amount of time so it doesn’t give anything away).

Memphis tells Christmas that she should go talk to Dani, but Christmas doesn’t plan to do that until she has calmed down. Based on talks in the house, Dani may or may not have been throwing things out of frustration.

Enzo was talking to Ian when Nicole walks in. Enzo asks Nicole how Dani is doing and she tells him that she is angry with Enzo. She was mad at him for not telling her something when it came to the Bay drama. He goes in to talk to her and tells her that he didn’t have anything to tell her. He didn’t go to Bay with this, Bay came to him with this and he told Bay to go talk to Dani about what she had been hearing.

Meanwhile, up in the lounge outside the HOH room, Cody and Tyler are talking and Tyler tells Cody that he hopes that Christmas doesn’t feel bad for Bay now. He’s worried that she might not put Bay on the block after all the fighting and the fact that Bay was just having a crappy day. Cody and Tyler agree that after all of this, Bay has to go this week. Tyler mentions that Ian almost self-evicted the night before after Bay started confronting him about making things up about her (he was one of the three sources).

Day talks to Christmas a little about the tensions inside the house. Day explains to her that someone has been planting seeds with Bay and Day about Nicole and Dani, but then running back to Dani and Nicole about Bay and Day. She doesn’t understand why people are trying to pit the women against each other. Talks turn to how Day is loyal to Christmas and Day tells her that in this week’s HOH the goal was to eliminate the people you don’t trust. Day reminds Christmas that she didn’t pick Christmas until the very end when she had no choice.

Dani and Nicole are able to talk in the HOH room alone for a bit and Dani tells Nicole that she got one of the powers. She tells Nicole it’s a trash power though. She explains to Nicole that for the next three weeks, she can choose to let the outgoing HOH compete. She said this would be great if she could win an HOH competition and then she could allow herself to play.

About 15 minutes later, Christmas is in her HOH room talking with Tyler while Dani and Nicole are in the HN room talking to Day. Christmas tells Tyler that she hasn’t told anyone so if this gets out, she will know it came from him. She tells him that she got a power called The Blocker which allows her to block herself or someone she is aligned with from being put up on the block as a renom during the POV Ceremony. She tells him that it’s good for the next three POV Ceremonies.

Day, Nicole, and Dani all talked in the HN room for a while yesterday about all the drama in the house. They were able to pinpoint one HG that was the source of both their information and it was Tyler. Day tells them that they have to try and see if they can get Christmas to BD Tyler this week.

After her conversation with Tyler was finished, Christmas went to grab Nicole from the HN room so that they can talk. Nicole tells Christmas everything they learned from Day and she says that if it’s true, she is nervous about what else Tyler could be capable of. Dani walks in and Nicole goes downstairs. Dani tells Christmas that her head is spinning from all the information she was just given. She tells Christmas that she truly thinks that Tyler is causing issues between the women of the house. Christmas is not okay with BD’ing Tyler though.

Dani and Nicole talk and they both agree that they believe what Day told them. They both want to work with Day going forward, but they can still pretend to have tension in front of the alliance. Dani and Nicole both want Tyler out, but they know that Christmas won’t do it. They think that next week is a DE and plan to take a shot then. Dani tells Nicole that she is worried about Cody too because he is always telling her how he spent hours on the phone with Derrick prepping for the season.

Feeds go down for the Noms and when they come back up, we find out that Bay and Day were nominated as planned. Christmas is in the HOH room crying and telling Cody that this sucks because she loves both of them and doesn’t want either of them to go home. Bay walks in and tells Christmas that she isn’t mad, she knows that this was a game move and gives her a hug. Christmas tells Bay that she and Day can put her at the top of their list, but Bay tells her that she was never coming after Christmas and never felt threatened by her.

After Bay is done, Day comes up to talk to her and Christmas tells her that it just made sense to go after duos and because Bay told her Day was her “untouchable” in the game, she put them up together. Day tells her that if she had asked Bay and Day together who their “untouchable” in the game was, they would have both told her that it was Christmas. Day tells her that they had plans to pitch an alliance with her, but wanted to find out who Christmas’ “untouchable” was so that they can make a four-person alliance. Day says that was on her, she waited too long to have the conversation.

Later on, Enzo tells Bay and Day how hard this nomination set has been on her. He tells them she hasn’t stopped crying. Bay tells him that she doesn’t give a f*** about that right now and adds that Christmas picked her side.

Cody tells Memphis that Ian is responsible for the recent drama and he needs to go.

Bay tells Day that she can win the POV and save Day and just go home. Day says that’s not how this works and she can’t just give up like that. Bay says that she is perfectly fine with going home to Swaggy. Day looks up at the camera and says “Kaysar, you were right!”

Bay and Dani have a conversation and talk about how Tyler has been trying to pit them against each other. Dani takes full ownership of her part in all the drama and apologizes to Bay. Bay says that they have similar personalities so it’s good they are able to talk this through. Bay tells Dani that Ian and Kaysar were the other two people who told her about Dani coming after her.

Dani is really upset because of her part in getting Bay targeted. Dani says she feels like trash and she hates this game.

Later, Cody asks Dani why she is avoiding him and she just tells him that she has had a horrible day and that she hates the personal aspects of this game. Talks turn to powers and Dani asks Cody if he won one and he tells her that he promises that he didn’t. Dani tells him that she didn’t either (she did).

Day asks Kevin why he went up to console Christmas after noms, but not her. Kevin tells her that he was feeling overwhelmed and didn’t want to bring that to Day after she was just nominated. Kevin explains that he is frustrated with Bay because she accused him of knowing that she was being nominated.

Kevin then goes to Bay and tells her that if she wants to move forward in this game, she has to be nice to Christmas. She tells him that she doesn’t need to be nice to her.

Here are some quick talks before the HGs went to bed:

  • Christmas tells Dani that Nicole made their alliance too obvious after she celebrated Christmas’ HOH win.
  • Dani tells Kevin that this game is stressful and says that this gameplay is too personal.
  • Dani says she doesn’t want to go to Jury just to sit around and watch Netflix for six weeks.
  • Cody is frustrated and feels like he is being used as a scapegoat.
  • Cody asked Enzo what “Forlorn” means because Ian called him that earlier. Neither of them knows.
  • At about 2:30 AM BBT Dani tells Cody that she believes she saw that Enzo has a power and she is excited that their side has two of the three powers (she then tells him about her trashy power).

That was it for conversations, today is Power of Veto day in the Big Brother 22 house. I will have spoilers for you throughout the day!

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