Tonight on Big Brother 22, we will watch as the HOH competition plays out and we will find out which remaining HG will be crowned HOH for week 4! After that, we will find out who will be nominated for eviction on Big Brother All-Stars. If you don’t want to wait for the HOH results or Nominations, you can get the details with our Big Brother spoilers! Otherwise, refresh this page often to get all the details as they air.

We started tonight’s episode of Big Brother 22 off with a look at the HOH. We watched as Kaysar rolled all three balls at the same time and two of them stayed in their holes and now he is working on the third. Kaysar is the first HG to advance to the final round and everyone is freaking out. Enzo is the second to advance to the final round. The final HG from the first group to advance is David. That means that Nicole, Day, and Ian are eliminated from the comp.

The second group of six to compete are Bay, Cody, Dani, Memphis, Christmas, and Kevin. The first from this group to advance is Dani. The second HG to advance to the final round is Kevin. The third to advance to the final round is Cody after barely beating Memphis. That means that Memphis, Christmas, and Bay are eliminated.

It is time for the final round and Kaysar is the first to get two balls in, but he struggled to get the third one in. Enzo gets a second in and then so does David. It is a three-way tie between Kaysar, Enzo, and David and no one wants to see Kaysar land his third ball. The first person to sink that third ball is Enzo. Enzo goes on to win HOH!

Day is upset that she didn’t win, she really misses her daughter and really wanted to get pictures and a letter. Meanwhile, Dani is trying to play stupid about the rogue vote to Cody and Christmas. Day and Kevin walk in and ask them what they think about the rogue votes. David walks in the room and everyone asks him who he voted for but he gets really uncomfortable and doesn’t answer them.

Cody asks Enzo who he thinks the votes were and Enzo tells him he doesn’t know. Cody tells Enzo that Dani came to him the day before and asked him to vote the other way with her.

Day and Kaysar are having a talk about everything going on in the world. Day talks about how hard it is for people of color and how even when she is driving around when a cop pulls up behind her, she gets scared. Not because she did anything wrong, just because she’s a person of color.

Cody and Enzo talk a bit about the noms and Cody mentions the possibility of tossing David up on the block, but Enzo says that he is going to put up who he wants to. He tells us that he is thinking about putting Kaysar up with a pawn this week.

Enzo talks to Kaysar after and they talk about the game and Kaysar tells him that he knows he is going to do what’s best for him. Kaysar reminds him that this is a long game and he has his back. He loves competitors, he doesn’t like floaters. After Kaysar leaves the room, Enzo talks about how he likes Kaysar, but he hasn’t talked game with him all season.

We get a look at Christmas’ punishment and how she got three new all-stars in the middle of the night. We then get a look at her being told that all of her all-stars have grown up and can take care of themselves. She is thrilled that this punishment is over.

Enzo and Christmas talk about Christmas being safe this week. Talks turn to the rogue votes and Christmas tells him that no one is fessing up to them. Enzo asks Christmas where Ian is and they talk about how he doesn’t say or do anything. Enzo tells us that he thinks that Ian is a big threat. They run through the rest of the HGs and Enzo tells us that he is still trying to figure out which HG is going up next to Kaysar this week.

It’s time for the Nomination Ceremony! Enzo nominated Kaysar and Kevin and he tells them that it isn’t anything personal. He tells them that he hasn’t really talked any game with either of them and wishes them both luck in the POV.

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