It is time to find out if this week’s Power of Veto winner decided to use the POV on either of this week’s noms on Big Brother All-Stars. Did Kevin or Da’Vonne come off the block or were the noms kept the same? Read on to get the Big Brother spoilers from the Big Brother 22 live feeds right here!

After we watched Ian get evicted from the Big Brother 22 house on Thursday, Memphis went on to win the HOH competition putting him in power and keeping The Committee in charge. We all expected that David would be his target this week, but the plan was to backdoor him so that he didn’t have the chance to save himself with the POV. In the event that he was picked and won anyway, Memphis tried to make David promise not to use the POV if given the opportunity.

David was hoping to get picked to play and planned to use it on one of his friends who are currently sitting on the block, but that didn’t end up happening. Even after Day and Kevin both picked the HGs Choice chip, David was not someone they felt they could count on.

Prior to the POV taking place, Memphis filled Tyler in on the plan to BD David this week and told Tyler that it would probably be best for him, Dani, and Nicole to throw the competition to either one of the noms or Memphis. This way he could follow through with his plan to BD David without one of them catching heat from it. Tyler, not being the type to throw a competition and wanting to ensure he was safe this week, went on to win the POV anyway. Here is what he chose to do with the POV at Monday’s POV Ceremony.

The POV Ceremony Results for Week 7 are:

  • Tyler did NOT use the POV
  • Final noms are Da’Vonne and Kevin

Right after his win, he let be known to Memphis that he wasn’t going to use the POV. He made sure to let Day know this morning that his plan to keep the noms the same hadn’t changed. Based on talks inside the house, it sounds like Day is the target because of her close connection to Dani and Nicole. We will see what happens, a lot can change between now and Thursday night’s eviction.

Also, keep in mind that as of today’s POV Ceremony, Christmas’ power is now expired.

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