Week one of Big Brother 23 continues to be a rollercoaster as the houseguests picked players for the POV and the POV Competition was played. The results of the POV Competition threw yet another wrench into Frenchie’s plan for this week of Big Brother, but he has a backup plan in place. Get all your Big Brother spoilers from Saturday’s live feeds right here!

It was POV day and Covid testing day inside the Big Brother 23 house so the HGs got an early wake-up call at 7 AM BBT.

POV Players were picked fairly early in the morning and after the feeds came back up we see Frenchie going into the storage room with the chip box and he says “oh my God, worse possible scenario” so we knew it was bad. However, nothing could prepare us for two of Frenchie’s backup plans being picked to play in the Power of Veto competition. Derek X, Travis, and Tiffany were picked to play in the POV.

Kyland and Travis talked about how there were only six chips in the box and while we didn’t get an explanation as to why I’m guessing it has something to do with the punishment part of the Wildcard Competition or something twist-related.

Tiffany, Claire, and Kyland talked about what could happen if the noms stay the say and they think that against Alyssa, Kyland would stay this week. They were speculating that if Travis or Derek X won the noms would stay the same because they are both close and know that one of them will go up if one of the noms comes down. Tiffany and Claire also talked about how Azah wanted to form an alliance with them and Britini.

Xavier and Derek F talked about Derek X or Travis going home this week and agree that they would be okay with that, but they are concerned that a lot of the women in the house have more guys on their radar after that.

The feeds cut for the POV Comp and when they come back up we see Derek X wearing the Veto around his neck. We watch as Brent is trying to pressure Derek X into doing whatever Frenchie says to with the POV this week. Derek X says he plans to and when Brent walks away, Derek X says to the cams, “This dude Brent doesn’t say anything new when I talk to him. What the hell is wrong with him? Can we just get a clock that counts the number of times he says ‘Just do what Frenchie says?’ I also want to add that Derek X wore and carried the POV around the house with him all day.

Travis goes to Kyland and tells him that Derek X promised to take him off the block with the POV. Meanwhile, Frenchie is talking to Sara Beth and Claire. He tells them that they are both safe this week but need their help with voting out who he puts up as a renom and they both agree to help him.

Christian talks to Derek X and says that Frenchie will likely want him to keep the noms the same and then says that he really wants to save Alyssa this week. Christian then goes to Xavier and asks if Travis is the new target. Xavier tells him he isn’t sure and that they should probably avoid using names. They both agree that they think that Derek X is going to use the POV this week.

Derek X told Brent that he is going to use the POV on Kyland because he already promised Frenchie that he would if he won. Derek X then went on to tell Kyland that he will give him a heads up if he changes his mind about using the POV. Brent goes to Alyssa and tells her that the plan is to use the POV on Kyland and then Travis goes up and gets voted out on Thursday.

There was a long back and forth conversation between Derek X and Frenchie where they talk about Derek X using the POV, Derek X tells him that he is going to use it on Kyland and Frenchie approves of this move. Frenchie then tells Derek X that he (DX) played too hard too fast and then offers him a spot in the big alliance. He even tells Derek X that they have 11 people in this alliance. Frenchie then pulls Brent into the conversation so that Brent can tell Derek X why he felt betrayed by him.

Derek F and Xavier are talking and they both decide that they aren’t going to tell the rest of the Cookout alliance about the Slaughterhouse alliance.

Derek X tells Frenchie that he doesn’t want to see Travis go and they start counting votes. Derek thinks that Travis would have the votes to stay. After Derek X leaves the conversation, Frenchie and Brent recount the votes to make sure they have enough votes to get Travis out. They think they have enough.

There were some other short conversations to note. One being between Hannah and Whitney about renoms and how they don’t think the renom will be another woman and then they agree it’s probably Travis (it is). Derek F and Azah where they talk about how this mess could have been avoided if Frenchie had just talked to his team. Frenchie also complained to Whitney that no matter what happens with the POV, this week is a mess. He adds that he thinks it might be easier if Derek X doesn’t use the POV this week.

Do you think that Frenchie’s plan to renom Travis is a good idea or should he just have Derek X not use the POV? Make sure you come back later for our Big Brother live recap where we will watch the Wildcard Competition and Nominations unfold!

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