It is Power of Veto Day inside the Big Brother house and with Frenchie in the HOH, the nominations in place, and the POV players picked, there was only one thing left to do. Play the comp! The comp has been played and the winner has been confirmed. Keep reading my Big Brother spoilers to find out which Big Brother 23 houseguest won the first POV Comp of the season!

Frenchie is the HOH for week one and he has nominated Kyland and Alyssa for eviction, but he realized that nominating Alyssa was based on false information. Since she was his primary target when he made the nominations, he had reached out to his allies and asked them to use the POV on one of the nominees if they should win it. There were a lot of people in the house willing to play to win and use it when they did.

Unfortunately, for Frenchie and the nominees, Frenchie’s two backup targets for the week were also picked to play in the POV this week. Derek X and Travis were both picked to play and they also know that if one wins and uses the POV, the other will go up. So did Derek X or Travis win and throw another wrench into Frenchie’s week?

The POV Winner for Week 1 is:

  • Derek X

With Derek X winning the POV this week, it looks like Frenchie’s plan to backdoor him is out the window. With Derek X knowing Travis is likely the renom target, I don’t think that the POV will be used this week. However, Brent is already telling Derek X that he has to do what Frenchie wants him to do with the POV.

We will have to wait and find out when the POV Ceremony takes place sometime on Monday! What do you think Derek X should do?

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