It was Nomination Day inside the Big Brother 23 house and since we only have the Cookout left, this week’s Head of Household was forced to put up two of their allies. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Friday’s live feeds including what each houseguest said in their one-on-ones with the HOH and which two Big Brother 2021 houseguests were nominated for Week 10!

We started the day with a conversation between Derek and Azah and Derek tells her that he isn’t mad at Kyland despite the way Kyland acted towards him Thursday night. However, Kyland didn’t need to win a third HOH and Derek was really close to getting it. He doesn’t understand why Kyland felt the need to beat him.

Hannah talked to Tiffany about how she was thinking about this week and how it doesn’t make sense for Kyland to nominate the two of them since he can control their votes. After going over scenarios of how this week could play out, they both agree that Derek can’t go on the block this week in order to keep them in the game longer.

Xavier and Kyland talked about what the plan is this week. Kyland tells him he is still thinking of Hannah and Tiffany as Noms and Xavier brings up the idea of taking Hannah down to try and earn trust with her and pull her in. Xavier mentions that if they did that, Hannah would be less likely to come after one of them and more likely to go after Azah or Derek. After thinking about it further, he realizes that maybe they shouldn’t because one of them only needs two votes to stay and Hannah would vote to keep Tiffany. He also says that keeping noms the same, Azah won’t have an incentive to go after Kyland since she won’t hit the block.

Kyland and Azah have their one-on-one and they didn’t do much talking other than Kyland telling her that he plans to be very upfront with his nominations and speech. They mapped out scenarios using the chessboard and pieces and didn’t use names when they were talking.

Tiffany talks to Kyland and she tells him that she needs both him and Hannah in this game, but she needs him more. She says that she has been doing a lot of thinking about their relationship and there has been some disconnect between them. She realizes that she hasn’t done much to fix that, but she wants to prove that she still wants to work with him and Hannah going forward.

During this conversation, Tiffany tells Kyland that Xavier has insinuated that Kyland would be his target if he won HOH. She says that she has been wanting to tell him that, but she was worried that Kyland’s relationship with Xavier would cloud things. She says that she didn’t think that Kyland would have believed her and she was also worried Kyland would say something to Xavier which would cause Xavier to target her. Tiffany also talked about how she doesn’t want to compete against Xavier in the end because she knows she would lose, but she would love to compete against Kyland.

Hannah talked to Kyland and he tells her that this week feels extra difficult for him and she says she understands that it’s probably bittersweet since he is going to be responsible for sending one of them home. Hannah tells Kyland that if she won HOH, her target would have been Xavier because he is someone she knows she will lose to. She reminds him that they only need two votes to get his target out this week and promises that if she isn’t on the block she will vote the way he wants.

Kyland did ask Hannah what block scenario would make her feel most comfortable if she was up there and she tells him that the only person she beats in votes is Tiffany. She says that if she is up against anyone else, she goes to Jury. Hannah asks Kyland if there was a reason that Kyland didn’t just throw the HOH to Derek? He basically tells her that he didn’t know what he wanted to happen this week and he felt more comfortable being the one in the position to make the choice of who to send first.

Kyland asks Hannah if there is any more information she wishes to share and she tells him that Xavier is clearly protecting Derek and Azah in this game. She mentions how none of them are mentioning each other’s names and Derek and Azah are more incentivized to keep Xavier around because he is protecting them. She says that she, Tiffany, and Xavier had a “we’ll look out for each other” type deal, but nothing was ever official, however, she feels like Xavier and Derek both had F2 with almost everyone in the house.

Tiffany came back up for a follow-up talk with Kyland because her first one got cut off by a DR call for Kyland. She tells Kyland that if Xavier was HOH right now, she wouldn’t feel very good about Kyland’s chances of not hitting the block. She mentions that Kyland doesn’t seem very worried about him though and she’s kind of confused as to why. She mentions that she doesn’t see why Xavier would want to take Hannah or Tiffany out over Kyland (and ask Hannah mentioned in her chat, Xavier is clearly protecting Azah and Derek). She says that it doesn’t seem like anyone is looking at Xavier at all.

The feeds cut for the Nomination Ceremony after Tiffany’s chat with Kyland wrapped up. When the feeds came back up, Kyland is in the HOH room with Hannah. It sounds like he has let her in on the fact that Tiffany is his target this week. Hannah asks Kyland if she is up there next to her because she is most likely to use the Veto on Tiffany? He tells her that is why he put her up with Tiffany. She wonders if that will hinder the two of them from working together moving forward. He says no, quite the opposite.

Tiffany is clearly annoyed that she is on the block. Xavier tells her that he is sorry she is up there but she tells him that she was expecting it. Tiffany touched base with Hannah and they both say they are fine when the other asks. Meanwhile, Kyland is camtalking about how bad he feels because he loves Tiffany and he hates that he had to do this on her son’s birthday. He says that he really wanted to work with her, but she couldn’t stop lying to him.

Tiffany goes out to help Azah with dinner but Kyland and Xavier came in to help too and the space got too crowded. She kicks Kyland and Xavier out of the kitchen and tells them to go back to conspiring against her. She then goes and apologizes to Xavier and tells him to go help in the kitchen instead because she wants to read her bible. When Xavier leaves the room, Tiffany camtalks about how she has to win this Veto.

Tiffany tells Hannah later that she knows she is the target this week. Hannah tells her that she hopes that Tiffany can win the Veto and Azah goes on the block. However, later, Hannah camtalks to us that Tiffany can’t win the Veto because if Hannah is next to Azah then Hannah will go for sure. Hannah also says that she suspects that Kyland has a F3 with Derek and Xavier and that’s why he went back on the deal he had with her and Tiffany.

Kyland camtalked a little later that his ideal F3 was with Tiffany and Xavier, but if he gets Tiffany out he thinks he has a good shot at winning if he is in F2.

POV will happen later today and all the houseguests will be competing. Be on the lookout for spoilers later!

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