It was Wildcard Comp and Nomination Day inside the Big Brother 23 house on Friday and it was a fun-filled day on the Big Brother live feeds! One houseguest had the option of safety and you might be surprised as to who it was and what they did with this newly appointed power. Then two unsuspecting houseguests found their pictures on the memory wall during Kyland’s nominations. Read on to get all the Big Brother spoilers from Friday’s live feeds right here!

A lot went on inside the Big Brother house on Friday, so let’s jump right in!

The morning started off fairly slow, with Tiffany and Sarah Beth talking in the room about how there is a big alliance in the house (Tiffany refers to it as the “Cool People”) and she realized that they (T & SB) aren’t in it. SB tells Tiffany that she thinks that Kyland knows that Frenchie being buddy-buddy with him is all fake and she knows that Kyland is worried about Frenchie. Tiffany, who we know wants Brent gone as soon as possible, asks SB what she thinks of him. SB says that Brent makes her nervous but that’s because he hasn’t talked game with him and she has no reason to trust him.

Frenchie got wind that Alyssa and Whitney wanted to play in the Wildcard Comp from their teams and he tells Alyssa if that’s the case, he won’t play and he will let Britini play. Alyssa says that’s not the case, in fact, she was the first person to say she didn’t want to play today. Frenchie also asked Britini to lie and say she was playing in the Wildcard Comp so that the other teams would put weaker players in.

Alyssa talked to SB right after that about her conversation with Frenchie and reiterates that she is fine with them putting it up to a random draw as they planned. However, Christian came in moments later and told SB that he should be the first choice if there is additional safety up for grabs. SB says that she could volunteer to play and if she wins, she will save him also. She mentions that she kind of wanted to play anyways and Christian goes and puts a bug in Alyssa and Xavier’s ears that SB was wanting to play.

Feeds went down for the player pick and Wildcard Comp and when they came back up we saw that SB played for the Kings, Frenchie played for the Jokers, and Brent was picked to play for the Aces by random draw. We found out that SB went on to win the Wildcard Comp, but decided that she didn’t want to switch teams and declined to take the safety. From the sounds of it, she would have had to go to The Queens which is the team that is safe. She did mention that she didn’t want to take safety from Tiffany or Whitney which made it sound like she would have been switching places with one of them and they would have had to go to the Kings. 

Shortly after this, Kyland was doing speedy one-on-ones with the HGs because the “Nominations Today” message came up on the screen and he knew he didn’t have a lot of time. We saw him talk with everyone except for The Jokers and everyone threw Frenchie under the bus with Kyland because of his unpredictable behavior and apparently he almost outed the alliance during an emotional outburst of some kind that happened while the feeds were down. Tiffany not only called out Frenchie in her one on one but also tried to pin the two rogue votes on Brent and Whitney saying that they and Frenchie are a three-headed snake. Kyland did reveal to Xavier that his nominations this week would be Frenchie and Britini.

The feeds went down for Nominations and when they came back up, we see Britini crying, Azah crying, Frenchie seems fired up and Derek F is trying to calm the ladies down in their room while the rest of the houseguests are in the living room still hugging each other after the noms. Kyland did in fact nominate Britini and Frenchie for week 2.

Azah is upset for their team, Derek F is mad because their team got hit twice in one noms ceremony and Frenchie is trying to tell Britini that he is the target this week and to let it stay that way. He tells her that if he wins the POV he is putting it around her neck and tells her to let him fall on his sword because that means he can go home this week and be with his family.

Tiffany goes to talk to Kyland in the HOH room and tells him that he did great at the noms ceremony. Kyland reveals to Tiffany that everyone shared concerns about Frenchie to him except for Britini. He says that he is worried he upset Azah and Derek F, but Tiffany reassures Kyland that Azah is in no way “Team Frenchie”.

Frenchie goes up to talk to Kyland and tells him that he isn’t upset with Kyland and if he has to leave this house, he would be happy if it was Kyland that sent him out. He tells Kyland that they are good and that they will be friends after all this is over. Frenchie also pleads with him and tells him that if Britini is the target this week to put it on him so she can stay in the game. Kyland tells Frenchie that everyone was telling him the Slaughterhouse alliance was being blown up. Frenchie tells him that he was never going to blow up the alliance. Kyland suggested that they get the whole team together to talk later. Frenchie mentions that he was upset over something personal earlier in the day and that he wonders if someone got worried because of that, but adds that he wasn’t mad over anything game-related.

Derek F tells Frenchie that he doesn’t want to meet as a group and that because Kyland told Frenchie there is no backdoor plan, he doesn’t want to be part of the alliance anymore because Derek X isn’t going home this week. Derek F told Frenchie that he needs him in the game and Frenchie reassures him that he isn’t going to roll over.

Kyland talks to Britini and explains to her that everyone he talked to had concerns about Frenchie. Kyland also tells her that she is a person he would much rather work with than against and adds that he doesn’t see any reason for her not to be in the house next week. Britini asks Kyland who will go up if she comes off the block and Kyland says he hasn’t thought that far ahead yet because that’s how you go crazy.

Derek F and Kyland have a chance to talk and Kyland explains to him that everyone had concerns about Frenchie except for Britini. Derek F tells him he understands why he did that but didn’t understand why Britini was up. Derek F pushed a little for Derek X to go home this week and tells Kyland that he really wants to see Derek X go this week.

Kyland talks to Azah and Azah expressed concerns that she or Derek F will go up if Frenchie or Britini come off the block. Kyland tells her that he will not put them up as renoms. He tells her that he doesn’t have a plan for that yet and doesn’t plan to come up with a name unless he has to.

Derek F tells Frenchie that if he is picked to play in the POV, he is going to fight for it. Frenchie tells Derek F to use it on Britini if he wins it. Derek F tells Frenchie that if he (F) wins it, he has to use it on himself. Frenchie says that the same thing will happen next week if he stays.

Brent and Xavier had a conversation about Frenchie and how upset they are that he messed up their perfect position in the house. They agreed that they won’t be voting for Frenchie to stay this week if he is still on the block on Thursday.

Frenchie told Britini, Claire, and Tiffany about the Slaughterhouse alliance and tells them everyone who is in it.

Brent asked SB if Frenchie asked her to throw the Wildcard Comp to him (F) and she tells him that he did. They then talked about how Frenchie is now going around telling people that he threw it to her instead. They both agree that if Frenchie manages to stay this week, he has to go next week.

Frenchie tells Britini not to trust Whitney (there was some kind of falling out between them earlier in the day). Frenchie later told Xavier that he revealed the Slaughterhouse to everyone but that he downplayed Xavier and Derek F’s involvement with it.

Derek X and Azah talked about next week and if she wins HOH she needs to put Brent and Whitney up. DX worries that he will be a replacement nom this week if one of them comes down. Azah warned DX that Brent and Whitney (DX’s teammates) were big players in that big alliance that were working against DX.

Frenchie had a long conversation with Azah where he was pretty much trying to do damage control. He tells her that he didn’t tell Azah anything last week about his plans and stuff because he wanted her to have plausible deniability. He tells her that he made French Kiss because he didn’t feel comfortable in the Slaughterhouse. He tells her that he was planning on unloading a ton of information to one of the women if they won HOH. He also claimed that he blew up their whole game to protect Azah (I’m not sure the logic behind that).

Tiffany, SB, and Claire have a conversation before heading to bed about how toxic Frenchie is in this game and then they talked about how smooth of a player Brent is. They all agree that’s going to be dangerous to keep around.

Today is Veto Day inside the Big Brother house so be on the lookout for those spoilers. Who do you want to see win the POV this week?

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