It was a busy day inside the Big Brother 23 house with both the Nomination Ceremony and the High Roller’s Room Competition taking place. After the nominations were made for Week 7 of Big Brother 2021, the HGs spent hours trying to figure out if they were playing in this week’s High Roller’s Room. The High Roller’s Room took place and the results of the comp were a bit surprising based on conversations beforehand. Get all the Big Brother spoilers from Friday’s live feeds right here!

We started the day with a conversation between Sarah Beth and Xavier where SB is telling him that Kyland was pushing really hard to be put on the block. She tells Xavier that Kyland is convinced that if someone won the roulette power they would take him off the block, but SB isn’t convinced. Xavier tells her that after the HOH he just had, Xavier doesn’t see how Kyland being on the block benefits Kyland or SB’s game. She tells Xavier that’s why she isn’t going to do it. She tells Xavier that she is thinking about putting Claire and Derek F up and Xavier tells her that’s probably her best bet.

During this conversation, SB also mentioned that a few HGs told her they would play in the roulette comp and use the roulette however SB asked. Xavier tells SB that it’s probably a good idea for her to ask Hannah to play this week because then DX won’t play and if Hannah wins, he won’t have an incentive to play hard in the Veto comp if he is picked. She says that would leave DX open as a possible backdoor option later in the week.

Kyland and Xavier spent a lot of time talking to DX individually trying to make him feel comfortable about saving his BB Bucks this week so he can try and get the Coin of Destiny next week. Or at least that’s what they are telling him, in reality, they don’t want him to play in the roulette so that he doesn’t have a chance at safety before the Veto.

Before the noms took place, SB gave DF a heads up that he would be likely going up on the block. She adds that Azah and DF are not her targets this week and her hope is that Azah has enough to play in this week’s Roulette and can win it and take DF down. That way they would both be safe this week. He tells her that he appreciates that she is giving him the heads up, but he thinks it’s BS that the former Jokers have been a punching bag for the house. He also voices how annoyed he is that BB doesn’t have any competitions geared towards people his size because he would really like to have some kind of power.

SB then goes to Claire and tells her that there is a chance that she will hit the block this week too. Claire tells her that she sees a benefit to her being on the block with the roulette power. Claire also tells SB that she should talk to Tiffany about how much money she has. This is because SB was planning to put Claire on the block thinking that Tiffany would have enough BB Bucks to play in the roulette power. As we all know, Tiffany played in last week’s power, but since she didn’t score any points, she didn’t have a shot at betting on a POV player.

SB had also made Claire feel like if Hannah or Alyssa won the roulette, they would both do what she wanted with it. She strongly implied that she would have one of them use it on Claire to save her from the block.

Feeds cut for nominations and when they come back up, we see Claire and DF’s faces on the memory wall. SB tells DX that Hannah and Alyssa are both willing to play in the roulette power and both said that they would use it however SB wanted. She tells DX that it’s completely up to him if he wants to play in it as well. She is fine with it either way.

After his talk with SB, DX is feeling kind of uneasy and goes to talk to Hannah and tells her how SB told him yesterday that he had to play, but today it’s his choice. He feels like if he doesn’t play, he is going to be the target this week. Hannah tells him that the good thing is, they still have the Veto.

DX goes to talk to Xavier about this all too and talks turned to how Xavier thinks that Britini was one of the HGs that got 100 last week. He says that he really hopes the other two are people he is cool with. DX tells Xavier that he was one of the people who got 100 last week. Xavier shares with DX that he got 75 last week. Xavier tells DX that he feels better knowing that and says that if he gets 75 this week, he is saving it and suggests that DX does the same.

DX tells Hannah that if he gets 75 this week he is going to play in the roulette. He tells her that he will let her know what he is going to do and if he ends up playing, she can save hers.

There is a conversation between DX, Hannah, and Claire right before the feeds cut for the High Roller’s Room and they are talking about who is going to play. Claire suggests that they both play because if they have all these BB Bucks saved up, it’s going to make them both targets. Meanwhile, Kyland is telling Tiffany how comfortable he feels in his ability to control SB’s HOH after she didn’t have any influence over his HOH last week.

The feeds cut for just under six hours for the High Roller’s Room. When the feeds came back up we find out that Alyssa won the roulette, took Derek F off the block, and Xavier was chosen by the roulette wheel to replace him. SB talked to Xavier and told him that she really hopes that Xavier is able to win the Veto and take himself down so that she can backdoor DX this week.

Everyone in the house was confused by Alyssa’s move to take DF off the block instead of Claire. SB told Alyssa that she would explain to everyone that Alyssa had a concern that if she used it on Claire and Xavier was put up next to DF, that Xavier would go this week. Therefore, SB told Alyssa it was okay with her to use it on DF instead because she realized that having Xavier or Kyland next to DF wouldn’t be a good scenario. Alyssa asked SB if she had a target this week and she told her she isn’t 100% sure but if Xavier comes down, she plans to put DX on the block. Alyssa says she is perfectly fine with that with a huge smile on her face.

DX tells Tiffany that he was hoping she would play in the roulette, but she tells him that she only got 50 this week so she has a total of 75 now. He tells her that he got 100 again this week so if he survives this week, he is guaranteed a shot at the Coin of Destiny next week.

Kyland tells SB that if DX wins Veto and takes Claire down, then just to put him up next to Xavier and let him go. SB wonders who she could put up out of who is left that would go home next to Xavier and Kyland says Tiffany and Azah.

DX tried to talk to Kyland about what the plan was with the Veto and Kyland tells him to wait until the player draw to worry about that. DX then talked to Tiffany and Claire about how Kyland seemed okay with the roulette results so maybe Kyland is okay with going against Xavier this week. After this, DX goes to SB and asks her if she wants the Veto used this week and she doesn’t answer him.

DX tells Hannah that he is worried about Alyssa or Xavier winning the Veto this week (he should be).

Hannah later talks to Kyland about feeling anxious about the Veto. She says she really wants to win something. She asks Kyland if he would be upset with Claire going this week and he tells her he wouldn’t mind that. Hannah says that she wouldn’t mind if DX went either. Kyland and Hannah talk about if there is an advantage to getting DX out this week. Kyland mentions that he thinks that Claire might be coming for him so his concern with her is personal, not a concern for the group.

The best-case scenario for any of the non-Cookout members is that DX wins the Veto and takes Claire off the block. That would force SB to have to put up another Cookout member next to Xavier since Alyssa got safety for herself from the Roulette twist.

I will have Veto Player and Veto Comp results coming up later on so be on the lookout for any Big Brother spoilers throughout the day!

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