It was a busy day inside the Big Brother 23 house with the Nomination Ceremony taking place and Tiffany making her target in the house pretty known. Then we waited for the High Roller’s Room twist to happen to find out if Tiffany’s HOH reign for Week 8 of Big Brother 2021 was going to end or was just getting started. Keep reading my Big Brother spoilers to get all the details from Friday’s live feeds!

We started the day off with Hannah and Tiffany chatting about this week’s Coin of Destiny power. Hannah says that she wonders if Derek knows that he has to not only win the coin but also win the flip in order to take over the HOH. Tiffany wonders if whoever wins will be able to nominate her and Hannah tells her that because Tiffany won the HOH, she would be safe this week. Hannah tells Tiffany that if she wins it, she isn’t going to tell Claire, she is just going to let Claire think it’s Derek.

Kyland talked to Sarah Beth and tried to make it seem like he thought he was the target. SB wasn’t buying any of this and says that it would make more sense if she was the target since she just took out DX and she didn’t realize how close he was with Tiffany. Kyland continues to try and convince her that he is the one Tiffany wants out with different scenarios, but that just annoys SB so he gets up and leaves the room while she lays in bed alone.

Tiffany talked to Claire a bit about some of the things that SB was telling her about Alyssa the night before. She tells Claire that she has to sit with Alyssa for appearances. Claire tells her that she believes some of it, but she also believes that SB would do anything to get further in this game. Tiffany tells Claire that SB proved that she doesn’t have any loyalty to anyone in their talks last night, including Kyland (she told Tiffany that she wouldn’t take Ky to F2).

Tiffany sits with Alyssa and told Alyssa that SB was throwing Alyssa and Xavier under the bus the night before. She doesn’t tell Alyssa details, but just gives her a heads up that SB is trying to make Alyssa a target that way if Alyssa wins the Coin of Destiny, she won’t change the noms. Tiffany confirmed with Alyssa that SB was going to be her target this week. Tiffany also asked Alyssa if they could make a deal for next week that if Tiffany is on the block, Alyssa will help her out. Alyssa says that she will 100% make that deal with her because Tiffany isn’t on her radar.

Kyland came up after Alyssa left because Tiffany wanted some help with her Nomination speech. They go over her speech and before he leaves, she gives him a heads up that she told Alyssa about SB throwing her under the bus. She says that she didn’t tell her specifics, but Alyssa knows that SB doesn’t trust her.

Kyland goes to talk to SB and warns her that he talked to Tiffany and it sounds like they are going up, but there is still room to convince Tiffany to renom Alyssa if one of them should come down.

Feeds go down for Noms and when they come back up, we see Kyland, SB, and Xavier’s faces on the Memory Wall.

Derek is asking SB who he should put up if he wins COD. She tells him that ideally, she would like to see her and Ky come down so Derek plays it off like he is going to put up Alyssa and someone else if he wins.

Tiffany talked to SB and told her that there are a lot of things that make Tiffany more comfortable in this house when it comes to Alyssa and Xavier. She adds that there is a lot of distrust between her and Kyland and she knows that SB is someone who will fight for him to stay here unless she is on the block next to him. SB tells Tiffany that if Kyland wins POV, it isn’t looking good for her though and Tiffany says that’s why she thought making this move this week was a good idea. She says that Xavier being the third nominee puts a big competitor in the game too.

SB tells Tiffany that if Kyland has to go, then he has to go. She says that she needs to concentrate on her longevity in the game now and she thinks that her working with Tiffany and Claire is what’s best for them. SB leaves the room and Tiffany looks at the camera and says “I just lied to that girl straight through my teeth!”

SB goes down to talk to Xavier and he asks her how she is doing and she tells him that she is okay. She adds that she had a bit of a heads up and just talked to Tiffany who made it seem like Kyland is her target this week because of some distrust between the two of them.

Feeds cut for almost an hour and when they come back, we see a new nomination bench has been put in for the three nominees this week.

I went a little screenshot happy so thought I would add some in.

Tiffany talked to Xavier and filled him in on everything she and SB talked about and how SB kept throwing things at her the night before in their talk. She then went to Azah and told her all the things and told her that SB thinks that Kyland is her target this week.

Feeds went down for about 6 hours for the High Roller’s Room twist and when they come back, Tiffany is packing her things in the HOH room. Tiffany tells Claire that she will take it for her and Hannah says that implying Tiffany won it and dethroned herself is probably best. Adds that this way Claire can fly under the radar, but they can still work together.

Meanwhile, Kyland is trying to pep talk SB but she is crying in the Coral Room. She looks at Kyland and tells him that someone won a secret opportunity to take a shot and still nominated them. She says that if either of them is on the block on Thursday, they are going to Jury. This lets us know that Claire won the COD, dethroned Tiffany, and then kept Tiffany’s nominations the same. SB starts to question Ky on who he thinks would have done this.

Derek told Xavier that he decided not to play in the COD when Claire ended up with enough BB Bucks to play. Meanwhile, Tiffany is telling Kyland to let everyone think that it was her that won the COD. He confirmed with Tiffany that SB doesn’t know who won.

Tiffany tells Xavier that she told Kyland to let everyone think it was her that won the COD, but says that it wasn’t her. Xavier asked if it was Claire and Tiffany told him it is. Tiffany tells Derek and Xavier that she can play in the HOH next week but she doesn’t know if she should win. Xavier and Derek agree that she needs to throw it because she isn’t going to be able to target Claire. Tiffany says that she will throw it as long as Claire and Alyssa aren’t still in it.

SB wondered to Claire how they will pick players for the Veto tomorrow since there are three noms and no HOH. She also talked to Azah about how being nominated anonymously was harder than when Tiffany did it because she didn’t get any answers. She talked to Derek a bit too about how she knows that it’s going to be hard to beat Ky and Xavier in the POV, but she is going to fight for it.

SB ended her night talking to Kyland about how she wonders if they can get Derek on board with voting to evict Xavier if he doesn’t win POV. Kyland tells her that she has to start visualizing a Veto win for tomorrow.

Today we will find out who is playing in the Power of Veto and if SB can pull off a win this week. She will be up against Kyland and Xavier for sure, which isn’t going to make a win easy. Be on the lookout for spoilers throughout the day!

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