This week has been a roller coaster so far on Big Brother 23. Tonight we will watch as the HOH and nominees are joined by three other Big Brother houseguests for the first Power of Veto Competition of the summer! If you don’t want to wait to find out who the Power of Veto winner is or what happened at the Veto Ceremony, you can check out our Big Brother spoilers. Otherwise, refresh this page frequently for all the details as they air on the show!

So far this week we have seen Frenchie win the HOH competition which earned him and the rest of the Jokers (Britini, Azah, and Derek F) safety for the week. We also watched as Christian went on to win the Wildcard Comp which earned him safety and then he was given the opportunity to save another one of his teammates. He went on to save Xavier since he thought that Alyssa and Sarah Beth were safe this week based on things that Frenchie had said to them directly.

Thanks to the Wildcard comp taking Christian out of the equation, Frenchie’s target this week had to change and he ultimately decided to nominate Alyssa and Kyland for eviction. Kyland because he trusted that he would do what Frenchie wanted if he wins the POV and Alyssa for her being close to Christian who was Frenchie’s real target. Now it’s time to find out who will join them in this week’s Power of Veto Comp, who will go on to win the golden Power of Veto, and if the Veto will be used on one of the noms. The show starts now!

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother 23 started off with the reactions the other HGs had about the nomination ceremony. Christian, Alyssa, Xavier, and Sarah Beth are talking in the HN room about Alyssa being nominated. Meanwhile, Kyland goes to talk to Derek F about being nominated and he is super upset too because he felt like he was in a good place with Frenchie.

Frenchie tells Alyssa and Christian how he came to the decision to nominate her. He tells her that she sees Alyssa and Christian as working together to target Frenchie but they both explain that they are on the same team and nothing more.

Sarah Beth, Alyssa, Frenchie, Britini, and Claire about her being a bi-sexual woman. She gets super emotional because she comes from a very religious family.

We then get a video clip of Frenchie sneaking around listening in on conversations. He overhears Derek X, Kyland, Claire, and Travis talking about Frenchie. Frenchie then calls out Derek X in front of some of the other HGs about being in an alliance. He says that he knows there are people coming after him and he knows what’s going on. Frenchie then tells Brent that he has to be careful being around Derek X, but Brent explains that Derek X is on his team, so he can’t really do that. Brent then goes to Derek X and tells him that he is doing a lot of damage control for him and explains that he could end up a backdoor option.

Tiffany, Xavier, Derek F, Kyland, and Azah form an alliance called The Cookout. Their plan is to make alliances around the house and then come back and share whatever information they get from the other HGs. Meanwhile, Frenchie and Brent are securing a F2 and while having the conversation, Brent is trying to keep Derek X off the radar and throws Travis under the bus. Frenchie tells us that Brent has given him really good reasons to go after Travis, but he promised Travis he was safe.

It’s now time to pick players for the POV. As HOH, Frenchie picks first and he pulls Tiffany’s chip, Kyland grabs a HG Choice chip and chooses Travis to play, finally, Alyssa draws Derek X’s chip.

It’s time for the POV Comp where the HGs will have to roll a cherry from the top of the straw of a massive cocktail, all the way to the bottom of the puzzle. The cherry has to go through numerous obstacles in order for it to count and the HGs have to place those obstacles themselves. The first HG to get the cherry all the way to the bottom will win! After several attempts, Derek X is the first one to complete this task and wins the POV! Needless to say, neither of the noms or Frenchie are happy about this at all.

Travis really wanted to win the POV, but he says that Frenchie is a man of his word and Frenchie said that he was safe. Derek X goes to talk to Frenchie to clear the air with him and in hopes to rebuild some trust. Frenchie tells him that he wants Derek X to use the POV anyway he wants to and also tells him that he isn’t going to pressure him to use it in one way or another. Derek X reiterates that he wants to rebuild trust and without hesitation, Frenchie tells him that he would like the Veto used and he would like it used on Kyland. He adds that he is getting a lot of pressure from the house to renom Travis and Derek X’s jaw drops. Derek X tells us that if Frenchie can keep him safe like he says he can, it might be worth Travis going home.

Derek X and Alyssa talk about the Veto and she tells him that if he uses it on her, she will talk to her team about helping him out next week. It is now time for the Veto Meeting! Derek X does decide to use the POV, but he doesn’t use it on Alyssa, he uses it on Kyland. Because he used the POV on Kyland, Frenchie has to name a new nominee. Frenchie names Travis as the replacement nominee, making Travis and Alyssa final noms for the week.

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