It is Monday which means it’s Power of Veto Ceremony day inside the Big Brother house. It’s been a heck of a rollercoaster so far for it just being week one of Big Brother 23. As we know, Frenchie is the Head of Household, Alyssa & Kyland have been nominated for eviction and the POV Comp took place on Saturday. Now we know if the Veto was used to save one of the noms! If you have missed any of the action inside the house so far this week, make sure you check out our Big Brother spoilers for all the details!

As we all know, Frenchie changed his mind about the nominations several times this week and after the Nomination Ceremony happened, there was a lot of fallout. After talking to both Kyland and Alyssa, Frenchie started talking to his allies (which is almost the entire house at this point) and asked them if they would use the POV for him if they won it. Everyone he spoke to said that they would and his plan was to renom Derek X if Alyssa or Kyland were taken off the block.

Fast forward to the POV Player draw where Derek X and Travis (who were both on Frenchie’s shortlist for renom) were picked to play in the POV Competition. The feeds went down for the POV Comp and when they came back up, we see the Power of Veto hanging around Derek X’s neck. Not a good thing for Frenchie’s game at this point especially because Derek X and Travis are both fully aware that if the POV is used, they were both targets. With Derek X being safe now, Travis is the new target.

Derek X told Travis that his best bet was to try and convince Frenchie to renom one of the other women in the house Sarah Beth and Hannah’s names were both brought up in this conversation. Derek X made it clear that because he promised Kyland he would use it on him, he wasn’t going to appear unloyal by going back on his word.

So what happened at the Veto Ceremony for week one? Let’s find out!

The Veto Ceremony Results for Week 1 are:

  • Derek used the Veto on Kyland
  • Frenchie renom’d Travis
  • Alyssa and Travis are final nominees for the week

There you have it! Derek X stuck to his word and Frenchie was forced to name a replacement nominee. Travis is the target and it seems like the majority of HGs will be voting to evict him, but as we all know, anything can happen!

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