The days are getting fewer and fewer as we approach the Big Brother Canada 2014 premiere on Slice and it looks like the Big Brother Canada 2 house is finally complete and they shared pictures of the new digs with us! I am not going to lie: can I move in??? The new house on Big Brother Canada 2 looks amazingly awesome and I would not mind being a HouseGuest for a few months! Check out the photos below in my Big Brother Canada 2014 spoilers!

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I recently shared some photos of the house and a sneak peek look at the new cast, but now we have official photos of the house and all the rooms and indoor swimming pool and hot tub (beyond jealous with our snow and temps in the teens or lower this week)! It looks so high-tech and futuristic and I am in love!

My only concern: the producers found a cast like Big Brother 15 and no one seems to want to clean up after themselves! I mean, the house is so spic and span right now. Let’s not ruin it HGs of Big Brother Canada 2! Check out the photos below:

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Who else wants to move in with me???

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