Big Brother Over the Top grants America more powers than ever. Last week, we executed our power to nominate and evict. We chose Cornbread as the third Big Brother Over the Top week 1 nominee. We then chose to evict him from the BBOTT house.

Big Brother Over the Top-America's Care Package

This week, we continue the tradition of voting to nominate and evict. We also add the power to name Have-Nots and give America’s Care Package. The fans have been strategizing and debating who to give what to, to protect their favorites.

With Alex Willett in power, and Jason Roy being the current overall favorite, we expect viewers to vote in favor of him, and against Alex and her team (which includes Morgan Willett, Shelby Stockton, Monte Massongill, and Whitney Hogg).

Big Brother over the top-Kryssie Ridolfi

Today, the America’s Care Package results were revealed. America gave Kryssie Ridolfi the first Care Package. This care package included cookies, little fingers, and little rats. It also included the “Save a Friend” power.

Before Saturday’s first Safety Ceremony, Kryssie can choose a friend to make immune from nominations this week. This does not grant her immunity, but she can save anyone she wants. We expect her to give this power to  (her ride or die) Jason, or maybe Justin Duncan or Danielle Lickey.

We’ll have to wait Saturday to see what Kryssie does with her new power.

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