Only one more hour before the final Big Brother Over the Top safety ceremony. We will find out who the current BBOTT head of household, Monte Massongill, nominates. After nominations, Big Brother Over the Top viewers vote for a third nominee.

Big Brother Over the Top Week 1 Nominations

Last night, Monte planned to nominate Kryssie Ridolfi and Jason Roy. He also planned to put up Shelby Stockton as a replacement nominee. He also kept Justin Duncan as a nominations option, but he didn’t expect anyone to vote out Justin.

Privately, Monte met with each houseguest to discuss the game. Currently, Monte’s closest allies are Alex Willett, Whitney Hogg, Shane Chapman, and Cornbread, so he takes their opinions very seriously. Cornbread pushed hard for Shelby to go on the block next to Jason.

He felt that they didn’t mesh well together. He also thought she would eventually target him in the Over the Top game. Alex and Whitney had a different plan. They worked to protect Shelby from the block. Meanwhile, Kryssie and Shelby planted seeds that Shelby had a crush on Monte.

This morning, Cornbread seemed to have shifted his focus off of Shelby. The girls fighting for her, her possible “crush” on Monte, and Cornbread no longer wanting her out, seems to have secured Shelby’s safety this week.

Kryssie also worked to protect herself by playing up her homesickness. She did it with Cornbread, which started to make him sympathetic towards her. This made Monte sympathize with her as well.

Big Brother Over the Top Monte Massongill

The focus then started to move towards Danielle Lickey. The girls’ alliance (consisting of Whitney, Alex, Morgan Willett, and Shelby) have a big vendetta against Danielle. Whitney, especially, has influence over Monte.

Then, everyone also kept discussing how Shane and Danielle’s budding showmance could create problems in the future. Monte then started talking to Shane about the possibility of him putting up Danielle as a pawn.

Shane agreed to it. Now, Monte plans to nominate Jason and Danielle. If either of them come off the block, Kryssie goes up as a replacement nominee.

The Big Brother Over the Top houseguests still haven’t been alerted to the fact that America makes a third nomination, and has a vote. This may shift the target focus. They will be revealing the name of the third nominee before 1PM PT/4PM EST, which is when the Veto competition starts.

As of now, Jason is still Monte’s target, but the girls would prefer Danielle leaving this Big Brother Over the Top week.

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