Last week, America awarded Kryssie Ridolfi the first America’s Care Package on Big Brother Over the Top. The package gave Kryssie the power to ‘Save a Friend’ from nominations. She used it to protect Jason Roy from the BBOTT chopping block. Her win made her closer with Jason, but farther from the Big Brother Over the Top fans’ favorites spot.

Big Brother Over the Top ACP

People started to see a little bit of how winning the Care Package made Kryssie think she was America’s golden child. This made fans quickly turn against her. Kryssie’s reaction shows that America’s Care Package has the ability to be a curse for Big Brother Over the Top housemates.

Around 1:00PM BBT, the second America’s Care Package arrived. America awarded Scott Dennis the second Big Brother Over the Top Care Package. It granted him the power to ‘Pick a Veto.’

Scott’s Care Package also included jelly beans and underwear. The ‘Pick-A-Veto’ prize allows Scott to pick one of the three veto options.

They are:

Double Veto: Two vetoes are awarded to the players who place 1st and 2nd in this week’s Veto competition. They can then each use or not use the veto.

Diamond Power of Veto: This veto allows the holder to remove someone from the block and name a replacement nominee.

Boomerang Veto: The winner of the veto will be able to use the power of veto twice during the ceremony.

Which Veto do you think Scott should pick to play this week?

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