The Big Brother Over the Top Ball Smashers are back in power. Shelby Stockton won Wednesday’s head of household competition. This week She expected to control all the Big Brother Over the Top power. America said ‘nope.’


This week’s care package grants one person co-HOH powers. On Big Brother 18, Michelle Meyers won this power. Natalie Negrotti and her ended up using it to evict Victor Arroyo, who walked right back into the Big Brother house.

We know no one is coming back into the Big Brother Over the Top house following Wednesday’s eviction. However, Wednesday is the one and only double eviction. Therefore, it’s kind of scary to go into next week as current head of household.

It really limits your ability to protect yourself.

Once again, we had a moderate battle between Ball Smashers fans and the Late Night Jamboree ones. The Late Night Jamboree crew wanted Jason Roy to get the co-HOH power. The Ball Smashers wanted to give it to Whitney Hogg.


In the end, Jason Roy won this week’s care package. He now is free from eviction, can make one nomination, and has the power to replace a nominee if his nominee is removed from the block.

This week should be interesting with Jason and Shelby trying to get along long enough to make HOH decisions. Who wil get their way? And will another Ball Smashers leave, or will it be a Late Night Jamboree member?

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