The Big Brother Over the Top houseguests started off today learning that America had nominated Morgan Willett for eviction. This caused some BBOTT houseguests to celebrate. Jason Roy, Kryssie Ridolfi, and Danielle Lickey hoped America would nominate Morgan to improve their chances of all staying in the Big Brother Over the Top house.

Big Brother Over the Top Week 7 POV

Of course, Shelby Stockton and Morgan were upset about the possibility of another Willett leaving on Shelby’s HOH. Morgan tried to stay positive about how to both remain safe this Big Brother Over the Top week. She started thinking ahead to how she could stay safe this week, and win next week’s HOH competition.

Shelby just wanted  to keep them both sare this Big Brother Over the Top week.

Around 1:00 PST, houseguests gathered to pick the order of the Power of Veto competition. The order went as such:

1st: Jason

2nd: Shelby

3rd: Justin

4th: Kryssie

5th: Danielle

6th: Morgan


This week’s Big Brother Over the Top POV competition involved houseguests aligning dominoes to make sure they all fell down a certain path. The houseguests had to make sure all the dominoes went through the correct path that matched certain answers.

The BBOTT players had to answer three questions with two possible choices. If a houseguest answered any question incorrectly, they got a three minute penalty.

There was a 9 minute maximum penalty. The player to knock down their dominoes in the shortest amount of time won this week’s power of veto.

The official times were:

Jason: 11:58 + 3 Min penalty= 14:58

Shelby: 9:38 + No penalty= 9:38

Justin: 11:18 + 3 Min penalty= 14:18

Kryssie: 13:06 + 3 Min penalty=16:06

Danielle: 23:13 + No penalty= 23:13

Morgan: 13:37 + 3 (x2) Min penalties =19:37


Shelby won the power of veto!

We expect Shelby to use the power of veto to remove Morgan from the block. As America’s final nominee, no one will go up in Morgan’s place. The nominees will be Jason and Danielle, with Danielle being the target.

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