On Sunday, current Big Brother Over the Top head of household Monte Massongill finalized his nominations. He nominated Jason Roy and Danielle Lickey for eviction. Danielle was nominated as a pawn. Jason was Monte’s target for the week.


Monday afternoon, America nominated Cornbread. Cornbread, Jason, Danielle became the first Big Brother Over the Top nominees. They then competed (along with Monte, Whitney Hogg, and Alex Willett) in the first Big Brother Over the Top Veto competition.

To everyone’s surprise (and some people’s annoyance), Jason became the first Veto holder of the Big Brother Over the Top season. Obviously, Jason planned to use the veto to save himself from eviction.

Because of this, Monte had to name a new nominee to go up in  Jason’s place. He was torn between Shelby Stockton and Kryssie Ridolfi. He wanted to nominate Kryssie because he felt Jason and her were a strong duo. Kryssie also acted homesick all week.

Shelby was an option because she rubbed the opposite side of the house the wrong way. They saw her as a snake, who jumped from side to side. Right before the Veto ceremony, people pushed hard for Monte to nominate Shelby.


However, he knew that Shelby was part of the Plastics alliance (consisting of Morgan Willett, Alex , and Whitney ). He felt closer and that he could trust them more than Jason’s side of the house. Therefore, he wanted to do what was best for that alliance.

Monte decided to nominate Kryssie Ridolfi as the replacement nominee. Tomorrow night, either Kryssie, Cornbread, or Danielle will be the first evictee from the Big Brother Over the Top house.

The Big Brother Over the Top houseguests were alerted earlier today that America would get to cast a vote against someone. However, they would not know who America voted for on the Live Eviction.

Don’t forget to vote 20 times today and tomorrow, before the first Big Brother Over the Top first Live Eviction, for who you want to see evicted this week.

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