Last night on Celebrity Big Brother 3 we watched as the first houseguest was evicted from the house. During the overnight feeds, we found out which Celebrity Big Brother 2022 houseguest then went on to win the Head of Household for round 2 of the season. If you missed any of my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers, make sure you get all caught up. Otherwise, read on to find out what happened on the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds Friday night!

The feeds returned after the live show to the houseguests chit-chatting about the Mon Won twist. Todrick mentioned that he was worried that he was going to be the last one holding the hat. He didn’t want to be the one sitting next to Teddi on eviction night. A little while later, Todrick talked to Miesha briefly and Miesha mentioned that she was happy her HOH was over. She also wondered if Shanna was going to be okay after having to vote Teddi out. They both think she will be okay.

The feeds were cut for the HOH Competition around 8 PM BBT and returned at 10:20 PM BBT. When they returned, we saw Chris Kirkpatrick wearing the HOH key around his neck. Todrick and Shanna chatted a bit about who they think Kirkpatrick might put on the block. They agree that they will support him with his decision regardless. Talks turn to whether they think that Kirkpatrick will target Carson. They both say they love Carson, but he is a threat. They add that Carson is probably loved by America and will likely win AFP. Todrick mentions that he wouldn’t mind Kirkpatrick targeting either Carson or Cynthia.

Kirkpatrick talked with Cynthia and Carson and tells them both that he is really happy he won. He adds that he isn’t going to let anyone tell him what he should do with his HOH. Kirkpatrick talked to Todd last night also and they chatted about putting Mirai up because they only kept her this past week so they can get Teddi out. Kirkpatrick tells Todd that he thinks that his safe move would be to take out a target that the majority of the house wants out.

Kirkpatrick and Shanna have the opportunity to chat a bit before his HOH room was ready. He tells Shanna that he will likely put Mirai and Todrick up with Mirai being his target this week. He promises Shanna that she has nothing to worry about this week and that she can relax.

After the HGs sat around and talked about the HOH comp for a bit, the feeds cut for Kirkpatrick’s HOH room reveal. When they came back up, everyone was already in their own beds and lights went out around the house.

Today will get Nomination Ceremony spoilers. As far as the POV events, I’m not sure how those will play out, but I will have spoilers for you when they do!

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