It was Nomination Day inside the Celebrity Big Brother 3 house and this week’s Head of Household put their plan in motion for this round. This week’s HOH on Celebrity Big Brother 2022 tried to keep their target a secret, however, someone inside the house is leaking information. Keep reading my Celebrity Big Brother spoilers to get all the details!

The houseguests got a 9:30 AM BBT wake-up call to prep for the Nomination Ceremony. After the HGs got up, Miesha and Chris Kirkpatrick have a chat in the gym and she is trying to get information out of him about his plan this week. She is really pushing for Carson to be put on the block as a renom if Mirai comes down, but Kirkpatrick doesn’t think that Carson is a threat to his game. He does mention Lamar as a pawn renom.

After his talk with Miesha, Kirkpatrick goes to Carson and Cynthia and lets them know that his target this week is Mirai. He also lets them know that neither of them will be going up as a replacement nominee if one of his noms comes down. Later he talks to them again and says that he is worried if one of them doesn’t win the HOH, they could all be in trouble.

Kirkpatrick also had a conversation with Lamar about the possibility of Lamar being used as a replacement nominee. He also talks about how important it is for someone other than Mirai to win the Power of Veto.

Shanna spilled the beans to Todrick that she thinks Mirai is the target this week. Kirkpatrick joined the conversation and let Todrick know that he is safe this week. Todrick pushes for Cynthia to go up as a pawn, but Kirkpatrick isn’t going for it. Todrick later talks to Kirkpatrick and tells him that he is worried about being used as a pawn because he thinks that he could be in danger.

The feeds go down for the Nomination Ceremony and when they come back up, we see that Chris Kattan and Mirai’s pictures are on the Memory Wall. Shanna and Kirkpatrick talked about how Todrick is always talking about his 10,000 sq ft house and his memorabilia collection. They don’t think that he needs the money as much as he says he does.

Kirkpatrick goes to Miesha and Todrick later and tells them that he doesn’t want Mirai to know that she is the target. Miesha says that it’s too late and she already knows that she is the target this week. They also tell Kirkpatrick that Carson is more dangerous for their game than Mirai is. They tell him that Mirai is willing to work with them. Todrick tells Kirkpatrick that he will vote for Kattan if it comes down to it, but he thinks that Cynthia should be the renom to ensure that Kattan goes if Mirai comes down.

Kirkpatrick went and talked to Shanna after his conversation with Todrick and Miesha and let her know that Mirai knows she is the target. There was a lot of card playing and general chit-chat inside the house. The feeds cut on and off a lot too which made it hard to follow any other conversations.

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