With yesterday being eviction eve in the Celebrity Big Brother 2018 house, we were expecting some drama and the celebrities didn’t disappoint. A lot of things happened yesterday on the feeds and I’m going to do my best to fill you in on all the flipping and flopping below in my Celebrity Big Brother live feeds recap! Make sure you check out what happened Wednesday with my live feeds recap here!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds Recap Round 1 - ThursdayTonight we will find out who will be evicted first on Celebrity Big Brother 2018. Up until the feeds yesterday, James was the target, but could that all change? Keep reading to find out what happened in the Celebrity Big Brother house yesterday right here with my Celebrity Big Brother 2018 live feeds recap!

Okay, I am going to try and stick to only the important things from the feeds yesterday because if I write everything that happened, this recap will be ridiculously long. First I want to point out that yesterday morning, James was still the target for eviction. He has annoyed enough people in that house for him to be voted out as well, unless he can rally and get the house to flip.

Omarosa tells Keshia that she is sure that Shannon is having private conversations with the men of the house. Also, Brandi doesn’t seem to remember her drunken antics and Ross warns her that she threw Shannon under the bus the night before. This caused the guys to consider putting Brandi on the block if they get control next round. She makes it a point to apologize to Mark for some of her actions.

After these conversations, the feeds go down for an hour and 15 minutes. When they come back up we see all the HGs in the HOH room and Keshia has a card in her hand from production. She reads the card and it tells everyone that they will have access to a “social media center” where they can tweet out from the Celebrity Big Brother house but they will not be allowed to get responses back. The messages will be sent out to their social media managers back at home to be posted on their behalf. The group decides that James should be the first to use it because he has the most followers.

We got a confirmation that Shannon will be allowed to compete in the next HOH because Keshia took her spot in the HOH position. Omarosa and Shannon think that it worked out well for them that way. Omarosa has a conversation with James later as he tries to rally for votes. She tells him that she will not be swayed because if she votes against the women and Ross, they will go against her the first chance they get. She basically outed Ross as their mole. She does encourage James to keep fighting, but reiterates many times that her vote will not change. James tells her that she should come to his side of the house before she finds herself on the wrong side of the numbers.

James then goes and has two different conversations. He talks to Mark and tells him that he has a plan but needs Mark to have his back. Mark tells him as long as James has the votes, he has his back. James then goes to Ross and tells him that he has two votes to save him and he needs Ross to help him with the rest. He adds that there are people who want to flip because they see Shannon and Keshia as a powerful duo. He also tells Ross that he sees the two of them going to the end together. Ross then goes to Omarosa and tells her that he isn’t going to promise James his vote and that leads to them talking about how Chuck needs to be their next target.

Omarosa and Keshia have a conversation later about Shannon. They are wondering how many people she has F2 deals with. Omarosa tells Keshia that Shannon keeps calling Keshia a strong competitor, implying that she sees her as a threat in the game. So much for their all-girl alliance. However, they do plan on getting rid of all the men first so that it comes down to all the women. Shannon does have a pretty big target on her back though so we will see how this plays out later.

Keshia starts going to all the other HGs and asks them about Shannon. She asks Metta if Shannon has made deals with Mark and Metta tells her that she has deals with the whole house. During this conversation, Metta reminds Keshia that he really wants to go home and she tells him that she will try and get him out soon. She then asks him if he would walk and he tells her that he has already tried three times. I guess they aren’t making self-eviction easy for these celebrities. Keshia asks Metta not to put her up is he wins HOH and he tells her that she can pick his noms if he wins.

This is where things get a little interesting. Shannon is still nervous about what to do this week and she tells Ross and Brandi that they need to change their votes last minute for Chuck and make a deal with James. She tells them that she thinks that they are getting played by Keshia and tells them not to tell Omarosa until the last second. Shannon doesn’t realize that Keshia is weary of Shannon because of Omarosa.

Shannon then goes to talk to James and tells him that she wants to try and flip the vote to keep him. They then talk about how they both want to target Keshia if they win HOH. Meanwhile, Ross goes to talk to Mark and tells Mark that Keshia wanted Chuck to be taken down and Mark be the renom. Ross tells him that Chuck is the next target, but also adds that Keshia is pretty worried about Mark in this game.

For the rest of the night the HGs are discussing in small groups whether or not they should flip their vote and get Chuck out this week instead of James. Ross does tell Shannon that he can’t make the flip because it’s too risky, but Shannon disagrees with him and tells him that James could be a strong ally. Shannon tells Ross that they need to go after Keshia early to weaken Omarosa. She is basically using information from a conversation with Omarosa to her advantage. Shannon continues to try and talk more of the women into voting to keep James instead and vote Chuck out.

There is a lot of other chatter about saving James throughout the night and it looks like we could have a flip vote in the house. Looks like the all-girls alliance might be a thing of the past already. Make sure you come back tonight to find out which of these two HGs will be evicted on Celebrity Big Brother!

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