Last night when the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds came back, there was some fallout over the flip vote from last night’s eviction. There were a lot of conversations between Omarosa and Keshia with the other side of the house, Shannon being the main target of these talks. Keep reading to find out what happened last night when the feeds came back up!

Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds Recap Round 2 - Friday

Omarosa and Keshia were not happy about the flip vote, but there weren’t as many fireworks as I suspected. There were some things that were said that are worth noting so make sure you read on to get all the details of last night’s Celebrity Big Brother live feeds. Make sure you come back later to find out who will be nominated on Celebrity Big Brother this round!

After the live eviction, but before the HOH comp, things in the house were a little quiet at first. It was only a matter of time before things got started. Metta, Omarosa and Keshia are all talking in the gym room about how the vote went. As we know, Metta voted to evict Chuck, but he claims that he thought when he voted that it as for who he wanted to stay in the house. Not that it would have mattered anyways because the vote would have been 6-2 anyways, it sounds like Metta is trying to get into the Keshia and Omarosa side of the house. During this conversation, Metta tells Keshia and Omarosa that Shannon has deals with everyone in the house and adds that she tried to make a deal with him, but he said no.

When they break off, Metta and Ross have a conversation and Metta tells him that if he wins HOH, Shannon and James would be his nominations. Ross practically begs Metta not to align with Omarosa and Keshia and to stick with them. In reality, this would be a great move for Metta, if he wanted to stay in the house long term. Metta, who has made it clear he wants to go home to his family, doesn’t seem to be thinking about what’s best for his game though.

There is then a conversation between Omarosa and Shannon, which didn’t turn into the blow out I expected. They were talking about how Shannon was worried Keshia had a deal with Chuck and Keshia thought that Shannon had a deal with Mark. Keshia then walks in and starts making accusations that Shannon has deals with everyone in the house and Shannon denies it. Shannon then accuses Keshia of having a deal with Chuck and she denies that. It then turns into Omarosa telling Shannon that her targeting Omarosa and Keshia is racially motivated. Shannon denies this, but Omarosa doesn’t want to hear anymore from her and tells her to get out of the room. Things are going to get interesting in the house, that’s for sure.

The feeds cut for six hours and 20 minutes for the HOH comp. When the feeds come back up we see Ross and Marissa in the HOH room. Everyone else seems to be sleeping except for Metta, he is roaming around the house. Marissa and Ross are talking about how Ross killed it in the HOH comp and how he will never keep secrets from Marissa. They also talk about how Marissa sent Omarosa to the hospital by accidentally hitting her with a ball during the HOH comp. Ross and Marissa talk about how they don’t like that Omarosa is out of the house overnight. Ross mentions Christmas from last season and then Marissa reveals that Metta broke out of the house but then was allowed back in. They then say good night and off to bed.

So some interesting claims on the feeds last night. I can’t wait to see how the nominations play out later. I would guess that Omarosa and Keshia are his targets, but you never know!

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