MAN! I missed it! And I apologize profusely for not sharing this bit of Big Brother 14 News.

Last night, right after the feeds came back from the HOH comp, (FLASHBACK–9:06pm BBT) and we learned that Ian won…Dani went off on Ian in a screaming rant to rival that of any worthy Banshee.

It was a masterful performance from practiced liars on TWO levels. First, the reason Danielle lamblasted Ian in the first place, is because of the scheme Dan cooked up –in which he’d celebrate in front of her–if Ian wins–and then she’d go off on Ian–threatening him with skanking his Jury Votes. Dan’s plan is to get Ian to throw the final HOH to him–convincing Ian that if he/Dan is the one who votes Danielle out, then she (and Shane) would vote for Ian. But if Ian votes Dani out, Ian might lose, whereas Danielle already “hates” Dan. Duh… I will say this for Ian–during Dan’s “celebrating” Ian asked “did you cook this up?”Second, Dan would then take Danielle instead of Ian.

They were good. Dan and Dani even had me fooled for a nano-second. Still, poor Ian was totally flustered and upset.

I don’t think it will work in the end. Ian may be naive, but I think he knows what’s what. He likely can’t beat Danielle. So, the scheme to get Ian to throw the Final HOH SHOULD fail.. SHOULD, I say, though Dani and Dan plan to hector the little fellow until finale night.


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