September 19, 2012

Big Brother 14 Finale Tonight: A Wonderfully Wacky Season

You can say one thing about this Big Brother 14 Season with no compunction….It was never boring. We’ve endured a lot of seasons in which long periods of time pass, where you wanted to rip your eyeballs out, at the level of inactivity, the lack of gaming. That didn’t happen this year. This season was […]

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September 17, 2012

The Masks come off and What the Jury Thinks in Big Brother 14

Well the masks have come off in Big Brother 14. Or, actually I should say Danielle’s mask has come off. It wasn’t much of one in the first place. WE saw through her, didn’t we? But Danielle’s “sore loser” side is coming out in such a momumental way, that even though in the past, I’ve […]

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September 16, 2012

DUDE!! Update on Earlier Post from Big Brother 14 Part 2 HOH Comp

MAN! I missed it! And I apologize profusely for not sharing this bit of Big Brother 14 News. Last night, right after the feeds came back from the HOH comp, (FLASHBACK–9:06pm BBT) and we learned that Ian won…Dani went off on Ian in a screaming rant to rival that of any worthy Banshee. It was […]

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September 13, 2012

Getting Ready for the Big one in Big Brother 14

Like the shot heard round the world– Danielle’s decision whether or not to use the Veto on Dan in tonight’s Big Brother 14 LIVE Veto Meeting, will have lasting implications forever in Big Brother History. UPDATE: Confirmation- Dani does NOT know Dan is going to evict Shane. Holy fricken Toledo.. Hang on guys- this show […]

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August 27, 2012

The most explosive Big Brother 14 VETO Meeting! WOOT!

Holy Freaking TOLEDO, guys!!! We just had the Big Brother 14 Week 7 Veto Meeting and it’s C-RAZY!! CRAZY!   Well it happened…Just like Dan said it would. Dan did his ninja-mind thing- causing Jenn to do her POV-thing-which led to Frank doing his replacement with Brit-thang and Great Jumpin’ Moses the hooha is hitting […]

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