Like the shot heard round the world– Danielle’s decision whether or not to use the Veto on Dan in tonight’s Big Brother 14 LIVE Veto Meeting, will have lasting implications forever in Big Brother History.
UPDATE: Confirmation- Dani does NOT know Dan is going to evict Shane. Holy fricken Toledo.. Hang on guys- this show is gonna be WILD!!

PS–If you didn’t get the LIVE FEEDS this year– this may be the ULTIMATE time to try the THREE-DAY FREE TRIAL!! *Ahem.. (Three days…FREE… TRIAL…I’m just sayin’) After tonight’s Live Veto Meeting and Live Eviction, we’re going straight into the Part One–Endurance–Portion of the Final HOH Comp of the year. Don’t you want to witness that??

You know, as much as you may hate his tactics, if he pulls this one off, Dan will be… without a doubt…the most savvy, cunning Big Brother player in all of the 14 Seasons the show has aired. If it happens, I don’t think we can doubt it any longer.

Sure–he did some dirty, dirty dealing. No doubt about it. And he’s the one who’ll have to answer for it to the big man upstairs one day… But dang… as far as GAMEPLAY goes–all morals aside–he’s kind of a genius.

And I think it will happen. I believe he’s actually convinced Danielle to use the veto. Pull Dan down. And put the hapless Shane up in his place. THAT won’t come as a shock to Shane, bless his heart. But what happens when Dan casts his sole vote- and Julie comes on to tell Shane his time in the house is done? Depending on what Danielle did or didn’t know–this could be the biggest double blindside of the year. And Shane??? I mean COME ON MAN. You’ve SEEN what Dan has done to others. The second you heard the words “I’m going to use the Veto on Dan” come out of Danielle’s mouth, you should’ve been on your guard.

And hey–mayhaps he was?? Maybe that’s what the tongue was all about this morning? Hmmm??

Why Shane and not Ian? Well, looks like the little love-fest of the last couple of days has made up Dan’s mind.

He knows Dani’ is obsessed with Shane. He’s teased her about it all season. And yet, I believe that until recently Dan believed HE stood on the top rung of Dani’s F2 ladder. That her ultimate loyalty was to him.

Now I think he’s worried. Dan also has to realize–you don’t really know what an obsessed person will do if you try to take the object of their obsession away. It’s simple. He no longer trusts Danielle. He’d rather take his chances against Ian…And that’s just that, folks.

As for Dani’s part–I think… I THINK… she believes Dan will evict Ian. And that he concocted this whole scenario to help her, so that neither she–nor Shane–have Ian’s blood on their hands.

I mean, sure–Danielle’s mouthed stuff here and there about “playing the player” but that was BEFORE the date. BEFORE the smooch last night. I think the tide has turned for Danielle and in the end, she would choose Shane over Dan.

I could be wrong. I could be dead wrong and she actually is on the cut. But I just don’t think so. Still, she’s the one using the Veto–putting Shane at risk–so you draw your own conclusions there. Particularly in light of the fact that we have NO idea what she and Dan discussed in the hours before the Fast Forward. THAT’S the second-most important question of the day.

  1. Will Danielle actually use the Veto on Dan?
  2. Is she in on the plot to evict Shane?

Wow.. I’m more excited about tonight’s CBS show than I’ve been all season!! How about you??

As for Ian?? Well, I think he’s gonna be as shocked as everyone else when Dan votes Shane out. But that little guy is gonna get another lease on life after tonight’s show. And I expect him to power-house it through Part One (Endurance–YAYAYAYAYYY for the LIVE FEEDS) of the Three-Part Final Competition.

Tonight’s show is gonna be AMA… (wait for it)…ZING!!!

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