August 10, 2010

I HAVE AN IDEA and I need your help for Big Brother 2010 *Spoiler*


OK guys-  You will notice that I didn’t post a new post this morning for Big Brother 2010.  That is because literally nothing happened last night, except the spying on and trashing of Rachel and Brendan.

Yes… She is a Bimbo and He is a girl, but ya’ll… once they go.. what are we going to have to watch on the show, BBAD or the LIVE FEEDS???  This???


Or more of this..

So…If we really want to fire things up.. Make the SUPERPASS LIVE FEEDS really pop every day..

Go to CBS website and tell them:


Make this week a NON-EVICTION WEEK! How much fun would that be????

Let me reiterate that I do NOT want, in any way, shape or form, to save Rachel or Brendan either one. Rather it is this week, or next week, both of them have ZERO chance of staying in the game beyond two weeks, due to the D-POV, and the level of the hatred in the rest of the house. I am just saying that with the Twists getting slammed this year, losing Annie in week one, and the shameful waste of a good D-POV, we need something to REALLY shake things up, at least for one week!
BTW- I am seriously getting a little worried about Britney. I am telling you that ALL…ALL.. she talks about is Brendan and Rachel. I can even start to see some of the others try to steer the conversation to another topic and she doesn’t take the hint. I listened in when she got up at 0935 BBT- until right now at 1227BBT- she has not stopped trash talking these two for ONE minute. She spent 19 out of 24 hours yesterday, talking to everyone, mostly Ragan, about the pair.
Can you say obsession??

Let me reiterate that I do NOT want, in any way, shape or form, to save Rachel or Brendan either one. Rather it is this week, or next week, both of them have ZERO chance of staying in the game beyond two weeks, due to the D-POV, and the level of the hatred in the rest of the house. I am just saying that with the Twists getting slammed this year, losing Annie in week one, and the shameful waste of a good D-POV, we need something to REALLY shake things up, at least for one week!
BTW- I am seriously getting a little worried about Britney. I am telling you that ALL…ALL.. she talks about is Brendan and Rachel. I can even start to see some of the others try to steer the conversation to another topic and she doesn’t take the hint. I listened in when she got up at 0935 BBT- until right now at 1227BBT- she has not stopped trash talking these two for ONE minute. She spent 19 out of 24 hours yesterday, talking to everyone, mostly Ragan, about the pair. Can you say obsession??

Can you imagine???  The utter and complete chaos that would rain down on the other HG’s if neither Brendan or Rachel went home?  They could come up with some reason, and let them know that the double eviction would come up in the next two weeks, but THINK ABOUT IT.

It would shake that house down the the very foundations, and give us some incredible LIVE FEED ACTION.

I think Britney and Ragan would literally poop in their pants.  LOL!

What do you think? If you are as unhappy as I am at the way this season is going, and the obvious outcome we see before us.. Go to CBS and let your voice be heard!! GIVE US SOME EXCITEMENT in this BORING-AZZ Season!!

If you agree- Carry it forward to all the other sites you visit.

Yes, That’s right.  I know about the other sites…

No.. no.. don’t try to lie about it. It would just cheapen what we have.

I know you are not faithful to me alone.  (sigh) And, I won’t lie to you.  It hurt, but then I just had to realize that BB is bigger than all of us. The heart wants what it wants..

August 9, 2010

Saboteur Returns Big Brother 2010 Week 5 **UPDATE


UPDATE- Here is what they did in the Big Brother 2010 house last night. They still believe Rachel is the Sabo.

aWatched Brendan and Rachel on the SpyScreen and ragged on them. (Sigh) PLEASE give us a Sabo message today!  I will make a new post when there is something new to report. The only thing is that Enzo and Hayden are really pushing the “fake” alliance with Brendan.

UPDATE-  Just had POV meeting!  BIG DRAMA! Brendan apparently called out several people in the POV meeting. IT got pretty ugly, and ended with everyone angry and Rachel in tears. This was all the dynamic duo’s brilliant plan to for Brendan to fall on the sword for Rachel. so we see Rachel crying on Britney’s shoulders about how mean he was.

Unfortunately for the love birds, he was about as tranparent as a new-washed pane of glass.  They ALL are aware (except maybe Kathy) what the big show was all about, and now they are going to pull the old switcheroo on Brenchel.

AS of Monday afternoon, the plan is to act like they are angry with Bren, and feel bad for Rach, and have changed their minds and will evict Bren, when in FACT, they are going to blindside the couple and still evict Rach.

I get stunned anew at the utter stupidity that goes around this house, and the complete naivety of the these two.  wow.. this is me.. amazed.

The thing that I just hate about all this, is that it means, of course that the “Snooze-gade” (my new name, how do you like it?) Is basically sitting on a straight shot to F4.  BORING..


we got a new Sabo message  in the Big Brother 2010 House yesterday.
The HG’s gathered for our first cryptic message from our Sabo-Ragan.
Sabo message: “Rachel, beware. Brendan is throwing comps.” and there was something about “talking about it in the jury house.”
All the HG’s seem to think Rachel is the saboteur and that she is stupid enough to try to throw the suspicion off herself and on to Brendan by the message.
Up in HOH, as they were discussing who the Sabo was, there was an awkward convo.
Brit: I think america voted on who they like the least, cause they knew it would mess up their game.
Ragan: i disagree. I think they would vote on who they like the best. Awkward…

Matt lied to all the HG’s claiming the lame story that he only received a dollar from opening Pandora’s Box.  I don’t think any of them really believed him, but what could they do.  The thing is, the HUGE prize that he won, is really wasted on him.  Even if Brendan happens to win HOH next week, and puts Matt up, the “Wimpgade” would save him.  It is SUCH a shame that an awesome power like the DIAMOND  POV is going to be used in such a lame way..

The funniest moments last night came when Hayden, Brit and Ragan put on a talk show called “What not to do in the Big Brother House.’ Sign up for the LIVE FEEDS and Flashback to 8/8 11:19pm. The biggest advice was WWJD? What would Julie do. Absolutely hilarious!!

POV meeting is today- What will Britney do? will Rachel be able to persuade her with the 5 grand. (Very doubtful)

Rachel got plastered and ran around the house in a tiny white bikini strutting her stuff, even jumping on the table and doing a type of strip-tease, while the others spent their night trashing her with a level of nastiness as yet unheard.

Brendan has totally fallen for the “alliance” offered him by Enzo and Hayden. Rachel is imparting all her BB knowledge on these two, so they can help Brendan in the game. Brendan is so totally clueless, that it is almost painful to watch.

Sign up for your FREE TRIAL of the 24/7 LIVE FEEDS to see what happens this week. Will they REALLY get rid of the redhead???

August 8, 2010

Love and War in Big Brother 2010 * Spoiler Alert-UPDATE (Warning-some adult content)


War won out in the Big Brother 2010 house yesterday and last night.

We had some awesome confrontations yesterday on the LIVE FEEDS! Sign up and use Flashback Feature to 8/7 @ 3:15 BBT.

OMG!  Almost forgot to tell you guys the BIG NEWS!  Everyone’s favorite BB real-life couple, Jeff and Jordan were in the house yesterday, to visit and host the POV comp.  All the HG’s were gushing over getting to see them talking about how great they are.  Another element to add to the Rachel-bashing game, is that several of the HG’s are going on and on about how obvious it was the Jordan didn’t care for Rachel.

J and J in the house!!

[Sigh]- I had forgotten what classy people Jeff and Jordan are- Here is a video of Jeff’s Show- Around the World for Free. The HG’s this season suffer badly by comparison.. I miss them.. 🙁

After the POV Comp, (which Britney won-thereby sealing Rachel’s fate) tempers were flaring. Rachel was offended by Kathy celebrating her win over Rachel. We will not see how it actually went down until Tuesday, but something Kathy said got Rachel’s back up.  She went after Kathy in the kitchen, asking her to apologize for celebrating so hard, and hurting her feelings. Kathy refused to say she was sorry. She said “I am not going to apologize for winning.” And the shouting and screaming commenced.  Kathy fled the room, and Rachel chased her and they kept going until Brit came down from the HOH room where she had been witnessing the whole event and corralled Kathy up to the HOH room.  Shortly after that, Lane went after Brendan for talking about him behind his back, saying that Lane was throwing comps. (This is about Lane coming down so quickly on both the endurance comps- this is a legitimate argument for ALL the HG’s- the wimps!)


Hayden tried to explain to Rachel why Kathy would celebrate her first win, and tried to smooth everything over.

Then, of course, the rest of the night was spent in everyone’s favorite pastime, Brenchel bashing, and Rachel crying-while Brendan tries to soothe her.

Rachel went to Brit to try to ask her to use the POV on her-even offering her the 5 grand she won during the last POV comp. Britney wisely told her that she would not do it, as it would turn the house against her, and ruin her game. She was actually very nice to Rachel, telling her that even if she did, and someone else went up, that Rachel would still go home. She advised her to just try to enjoy her time here, and act dignified.

Rachel actually seems to be resigned to the fact that she is going. She told Brendan that there is no more need to fight, and that what she would do now, is to educate him for the next few days, on game strategy and information. Rachel is irritating, to be sure, but she knows this game-she is very good on quizzes. She told him to trust Hayden and Enzo, since they have offered him an alliance. “Stick with Hayden and Enzo.” The problem is-that is a fake alliance which these two are going to use for protection should Brendan win HOH, and then use to humiliate him.

LIVE FEEDS Flashback 8/7 1:00am BBT. If you do not have the LIVE FEEDS- and have never used the FLASHBACK feature, you are missing out! It is SOO cool to be able to just re-wind to see the best parts..

I can’t stand Brendan and Rachel-they are two of the most self-centered people we have ever seen on the show, but jeez-louise, they are at least entertaining! Maybe, MAYBE once Rachel is gone, Brendan will quit whining like a bioytch, and play the game…

UPDATE on our Saboteur- Ragan……..

Nothing..  There has been no shenanigans yet.. STAY TUNED!

Brendan seemed a lot more interested in getting a massage, and eating candy that listening to her, which annoyed Rach.

Meanwhile, lets see what the other HG’s are up to all day?  Oh.. hmmm… interesting… they are bashing Rachel and Brendan. That is something new….Not…Most of their talk seems to center on Brendan’s toe- yes, you heard me right.  His toe–

The thing is, I don’t know what in the hades these people are going to talk about when Rachel is gone??  All we can hope for, is that they turn on each other.

Warning- ADULT!! Rachel can’t seem to keep those things contained!

August 7, 2010

POV Today-Sabo Twist Revealed to HG’s-Spoiler- *UPDATE


Saturday in the Big Brother 2010 House is historically one of the most drama-filled days of all. The LIVE FEEDS today, should absolutely ROCK!

UPDATE: Britney won POV-  Brenchel is doomed!

UPDATE !!  3:30 BBT-  MAJOR FIGHT going on on the LIVE FEEDS!!  Rachel, Kathy, Lane, Brendan involved..

UPDATE- VETO PICKS done!  Brendan, Rachel, Matt and Ragan (cause of Veto Ticket) Kathy, Britney and Enzo. Brendan must have gotten HG’s choice because Enzo said: “He picked his fate when he picked me.”

Things happen so fast. The POV will be played this afternoon- so stay tuned for results. Results which potentially could throw the house into an uproar, if either Brendan or Rachel win.  Actually, if Brendan wins, I fully expect him to give it to Rachel. She, on the other hand, has not once mentioned reciprocating that offer. I think she is “so” over him.

If you sign up for your FREE (hi.. free…) TRIAL of the SUPERPASS LIVE FEEDS– you can use the FLASHBACK feature to watch when the SABOTEUR message was revealed to the HG’s.  They were stunned, and the paranoia is rampant. The general consensus of the house is that Rachel is the Sabo, and has some special power that will save her.

Ragan, our sabo, is playing it beautifully. I was skeptical of the choice, but maybe America knows what they are doing after all. He is doing a wonderful innocent imitation.

Around midnight, the BY was finally opened, after being closed up for over three days, to reveal a large bowling alley.  This is most likely going to be part of the POV today. You can bet your bottom dollar that Brendan spent beau-coup time practicing..

On the other hand, Rachel had at least two meltdowns, whining that she sucks at bowling, and (sigh) once again, Brendan talked her off the ledge.

Yesterday, our little Britney worked her HOH= azz-kissing magic. She and Matt were playing checkers, and she was complimenting him on his endurance skills. B: “You are a beast, Matt.”  A beast??? Well, even a kitten looks like a beast in a room full of butterflies..  He is no beast, but the others are such [p-words].(I hate this word, but in this case it applies.)

Matt (the beast) and the rest of the players

Personal note- My Enzo nerve (that nerve on the back of my neck that pings everytime he opens his mouth) was twanging hard last night. Hubby turned to me and said “If he says ‘That’s it’ one more time, I am writing to his mama.” LOL!

August 6, 2010

Nominations Today in Big Brother 2010 *Spoiler


Big win for the Brigade last night.. Watch for Updates throughout the day..

UPDATE-7:12 BBT- “Obvi” The Noms have been made, and Brenchel are up, because Rachel is TICKED and you could cut the tension with a knife.

I have a feeling it is going to be a rocky night for us LIVE FEED viewers tonight. If you want to get in on the Rachexplosion, sign up HERE.  Tune in tomorrow for the insanity that is sure to happen tonight….

A weird thing just happened. Rachel was alone in the storeroom, and I thought she was going to cry. Then, she saw her reflection in the mirror, started primping, and prancing to herself, playing with her hair, and it was like she got comfort from her own “hotness” or something.  strange..

UPDATE:  Matt has opened Pandora’s Box- and told the HG’s he did it. They all agreed that they would have too.

OK-  Just warning you guys- If you have not signed up for the LIVE FEEDS yet.  Rachel is LOSING it! She is FLIPPING.  She is going to turn a corner very soon, and it is going to be EPIC! She has already told Brendan that maybe they shouldn’t not hang out as much this week.  ominous.. huh??? They have finally discovered that Brit was faking it with them last week.  Brendan is trying to talk her down, again. But it is not looking good. (Actually, for us.. this is AWESOME!)

LOL! Hay/Brit/Matt outside of HOH room- waiting for it to be unlocked. Hay asks why it is locked? Says, maybe it is Pandora’s Box.  Matt says it is too early for PB- but if it is, then he is doing it no matter if it is good or bad for him or the rest of the HG’s.

UPDATE- HG’s are still on Indoor Lockdown.  They have no idea why.  Maybe some kind of comp? Surely they are not still dismantling the comp from last night?/

Enzo and Hayden are already scamming Brendan into believing they are wanting to have an alliance with him, and he will believe it.  You know what is bugging me.. The wimp-gade is almost justified in their bragging rights, only because no one is savvy enough to really pick up on it.  Come on Britney- you are my GREAT HOPE to discover this.  

Matt is locked out of his HOH room, for some reason..  Hmm.. Pandora perhaps?

I was so mad at the HG’s last night, (maybe you could tell?-lol) but now is when the real show starts. Brendan and Rachel will go up, that is almost a certainty.  The question is this: Will they turn on each other after all?  I don’t think Brendan will, but I have my doubts about Rachel.

If you do not have the LIVE FEEDS- here is a rundown of the crazy stuff that will happen in the next few days, that will only be on the LIVE FEEDS– which you can get for pennies a day, WITH a FREE TRIAL!

Thanks to my friend Matt at for this head’s up.

Friday will feature the build-up to the nomination ceremony. The targeted HGs (Brenchel, right?) will be arguing and deal-making to save their butts which is always fun to watch. You’ll learn who Matt is after and why. Friday night we’ll get to watch the fallout from the noms which is always a loaded situation.

Saturday will bring us the Power of Veto competition as more deals are made and tensions run high amongst those put on to the chopping block the night before. Brendon has proven a repeat threat at these events so if Matt wises up and nominates him we could see Brendon fighting like crazy for his safety. Bigger mystery: if Brenchel is nominated and Brendon wins the Veto, will he save her?

The Veto Ceremony will be held on Monday which means you’ll get two days of HGs’ battling it out for their safety and majorly stressing out all along the way.

what a waste


On the surface, yes. But you know what? I could not be any sicker of Enzo, in particular, acting like he wins everything, when he has done ZERO in this game. The meow-meow? Quit riding on coattails, or go spit up a furball. They talk about floaters.  He and Lane are actually two of the biggest floaters I have ever seen.. In fact, the “Wimpgade” has done very, very little in Big Brother 2010. Enzo and Hayden hatched a new plan to set up separate fake alliances with Brendan, offering to keep him over Rachel and then “play him like a fiddle”. These people talk, talk, talk, but they do not walk. They are all hot air..

EEnzo wants Ragan out next because he is getting  too close to Matt.  Matt, the only member of the Wimp-gade that wins anything..

Matt has won 2 HOH’s, that is the only contribution that a member of this oh-so-dull alliance has made. AND, Matt would be the first one the other three would sacrifice, if it came down to losing one of it’s members.

I was so, so disappointed with the house’s performance last night in the awesome, cool competition. In seasons past, other HG’s stayed on the endurance comps until they bled. Can you imagine Evil Dick jumping down after 12 minutes? What is wrong with these people? I don’t think they understand the significance of how lame that was.

With Matt on the block, Brenchel going up is a lock.  Done deal. He will not make the same mistake he made last time.  The target will likely be Rachel, who is much better at competitions than Brendan. In fact, as much as Rachel annoys people, she has not lost a question competition. She actually has never even missed a question. She is much more dangerous than Brendan to the others.

OK- so, I apologize on the HG’s behalf for their poor performance last night, but on the LIVE FEEDS today, and this weekend, will be some awesome game-playing- with Brenchel trying to stay alive, and gunning for the POV.

Matt got his HOH room, and everyone tried to be excited, but it was quite obvious that Rachel was upset, and Brendan spent most of the night trying to apologize for not winning..As well he might. Brendan? That was a pitiful performance. At least the others had an excuse. They did not want to win. They did not need to win. You knew that you had to win to keep you and Rachel safe, so WTF???

Kathy is our have not.. wow.. that is a surprise.

Ragan spent a lot of time in the DR last night, so that makes me speculate that they talked to him about the sabo position.

Ragan our Sabo?

Will Matt agree to open Pandora’s box? I think he will. He is a game-player, and even though these are some of the most lazy, do-little HG’s we have pretty much ever seen, I have hope that Matt will come through for us, and try to make it interesting..

Stay tuned for Updates throughout the day on Nominations, or sign up for the FREE TRIAL of the 24/7 LIVE FEEDS and watch for yourself as Brendan and Rachel unravel—


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