June 23, 2012

Big Brother 14 Glimpse into Media Day


OK–Before  I show you the following (leaked–shhh) Big Brother 14 Media Day photo–I want to tell you… DON’T GET NERVOUS.

Also– Make sure you sign up for the LIVE FEEDS to get all the REAL scoop on what’s happening in the BB14 house! It’s the only way to REALLY know…

All right… Now, this photo could mean anything… I personally think it indicates the folks who are participating in the Media Day coverage–which is coming up soon. VERY soon, so stay tuned to Bigbigbrother… I do not believe it portends the names of the new BB14 Houseguests. The likely explanation is that a couple of the visible names are Media Day guest stars on this, the  first step to meeting the actual HG’s. As you know, they normally keep the identity of the true HG’s under very tight wraps!

Sale of  Big Brother 14 LIVE FEEDS are hotter than ever this year.. (Have you signed up for yours yet?) I believe with all my heart we’ll have all new houseguests this year.

So.. Having mentally prepared you– here is the very FIRST(hush-hush) photo from the Big Brother Media Day event.

BB14 Media Day-Thanks Big Bro Access

Notice some of the names? Matte B? Joel? Uh.. Brendan and Rachel?

Now, I can hear your agonized screams from here.. But again…DO NOT PANIC!! Big Brother knows it’s business, and we’re likely seeing the beginning of the publicity blitz that starts with the Big Brother 14 Media Day participants!!

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Thanks to our friends at Big Bro Access for the photo!

June 18, 2012

Big Brother 14 LIVE FEEDS on Sale Today!


Hey all you True-Blue, Dyed in the Wool Big Brother 14 fans… Monday, June 18th is opening day for the sale of the Real BB14 experience…The Big Brother LIVE  FEEDS!! WOOT! *throws confetti*

But don’t delay! This HUGE sale only last until Premiere Day, July 12 at 9/8 Central.

If you’ve been a feed-watcher for years, then you already know how amazing it is to actually watch the real happenings in the house–not just what you’re spoon-fed by the network. (The Network show is amazing, don’t get me wrong-but it’s only 1/3 of the story.)


If you are a loyal FEED watcher– please SIGN UP HERE with BBB! We’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings, and we’re the BEST place to get together to dish on all the drama! With the Flashback Feature, you know you’ll never miss a second of the non-stop action!

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You can’t even take your family out for a fast-food meal for 30 bucks any more! And this is 3 months worth of FUN, FUN, FUN!

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June 14, 2012

Big Brother 14 Live Feed Discount Begins June 18th!


Update: The Early Bird Discount is Live! Get your cheap Feeds now!

It’s creeping closer and closer. Our beloved Big Brother 14 is on it’s way, folks!


Now, I know there are lots of you out there who love the show. And we all complained last year about the return of some of the previous HG’s. This season–if the BB14 gods be good–we’ll get an all-new crop of real-life hamsters to torture on the July 12th Premiere.


Think of the excitment that comes when the new folks first enter the BB house… When everything is all shiny-new and all the back-stabbing, lying, and scheming is still ahead.

OOOO- did you feel the shiver?

If you are a true-blue, dyed in the wool BB14 fan, you’ll want to sign up July 18th for the new LIVE FEEDS!!

Thank the CBS and Realplayer gurus for keeping up with the times.  The mobile feeds are now FREE! Last season it cost an extra five bucks. Not this time, baby! You can keep up with the madness and mayhem wherever you go!

PLUS…if you sign up for the live feeds with Bigbrother.com (beginning June 18th) you’ll get the awesome-blossom early-bird special…. Only $29.99 for the WHOLE enchilada!

For all of you dedicated feed watchers, you know that the feeds (or keeping up with us here) is the only way to know what REALLY happening behind those walls. The CBS show is only the tip of the iceberg. Remember the way they lead you to believe certain things about people? For instance…they showed Jerry as being a sweet elderly gentleman…when in reality, he was a curmudgeonly, hateful old coot. You don’t want to be mislead, I know…

YOU want to know the truth. And with the the LIVE FEEDS and BigBigbrother.com the truth shall set you free!!

Stay tuned HERE, friend us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter– or sign up for our email updates.

We’ll also be chatting on Premiere night for a fun take-down of all the new HG’s! THAT is a do-not-miss!

June 7, 2012

Big Brother 14 Semi-Finalists Selected


What do the scents of new-mown grass, the sound of children flinging themselves down neighborhood slip-n-slide, and the feel of the scorching sun have in common? If you guessed the approach of the summer solstice… well, you’re only half-right. It also means Big Brother 14 is on the way, baby! And it’s almost time to gather up in front of the TV for the July12th (8pm ET) premiere!

Big Brother 14 Premiere

That’s right! The countdown has begun with the announcement of the selection of the Big Brother 14 semi-finalists.

A few days ago–BB14 casting guru, Robyn Kass proclaimed on Twitter–

So…all you lucky semi-finalists…GOOD LUCK! And for any who didn’t get the golden ticket this year… Don’t give up! The cast has NOT been finalized yet.

As we speak- the Big Brother 14 crew is getting ready to began construction on all the fabulous competitions, sprucing up the BB14 House and making up tons of slop!

Stay tuned with BigBigBrother.com as we keep you updated on all the Big Brother announcements. Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and sign up with us on email to be the first to learn about possible Twists, Cast Announcement, and Pics of the BB14 House!

And pssst– The early-bird special for the LIVE FEEDS will be an AWESOME deal this year! Sign up here with us when the time comes! Share your thoughts and comments below. How psyched are YOU for this year’s BB14 ?

It’s-a-comin’, folks…. The best, most awesome summer pleasure you can have with your clothes on!

April 26, 2012

Big Brother 14 Premiere Date!


Great news for all us Big Brother 14 Fans!

The Premiere Date for our favorite Backstabbing, Conniving, Strategizing show is set!

Big Brother 14 Premieres {{drumroll, please}}

JULY 12th 9/8c!! WOOT!

Soon, we’ll get to witness the depths that ordinary people will stoop to win a half-million dollars. Are you rubbing your hands together in glee??
About 10pm PT- 1am ET the (wait for it….) LIVE FEEDS will come online and THEN we’ll get the REAL scoop! AS you know, the first episode is taped several days before the Premiere– and it’s not until we view those glorious FEEDS that we get to see the REAL scoop of what’s happening inside the BB house!

Ooo! Did you just get a chill?


That’s right, folks! The Big Brother 14 Premiere date is set. The cast is being selected. And the house is getting stocked with tons of slop!
How low will people go this BB14 Season? Will we get another strategic genius like Dan? Another Diabolical Female like the loathsome Natalie? Will new heroes emerge–a la Jeff and Jordan–that make our hearts melt?

Stay Tuned! Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter, while we keep you up to date on all the innermost working of the House of Lies!

SPEAK OUT! Comment below and Vote! If you HAD to choose one–Which kind of BB14 HG would you want to see!


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