July 2, 2012

Big Brother 14 House Revealed-LIVE FEED House Tour


UPDATED July 5th with more pics of Big Brother 14 house, including the flippin’ AWESOME HOH room… Check it out!



It’s finally here! The Big Brother 14 Preseason is now in full swing! If you’re like me, one of those true-blood superfans who need your BB14 fix as soon as it’s available, then SIGN UP HERE for your FREE TRIAL of the FEEDS to see the House Tour, with Superpass’ own Carrie “Spicy” Milburn and tell us what you think of the new theme.. “Tokyo pop!”

PS–There are even Godzillas everywhere! It’s a wild scene, man..

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June 30, 2012

Big Brother 14 Sneak Peek


The Big Brother 14 Pre-Season events are in full swing, folks! The LIVE FEEDS are throbbing and buzzing…just ready to pop with all the awesome behind-the-scenes info only you live feed viewers get! Have you signed up for yours yet?? The FREE trial and Early Bird Special ends on July 11! And if you haven’t heard… There are FOUR Big Surprises coming our way this season.. Read on for what I think this means…


The BB14 Media Day happened this past Friday– and if you want to see a sneak-peek tour into the new, improved (and pretty freaking awesome) Big Brother House, Sign up HERE for your Superpass Big Brother 14 LIVE FEEDS for an exclusive Media Day House Tour to be released VERY soon! Only you Super-Fan LIVE FEEDERS will get to see the superfreaktasticly redecorated BB House and view the Media Day coverage!

Aww.. I know… You want a tiny peek, don’t you? Well, we’re not supposed to show you JUST yet- but since Auntie Janet loves you so much.. Here’s a link to someone who (prematurely) spilled the beans. (OOPS)

If you’ll count, you’ll see there are 14 spaces for BB14 Houseguests. Hmmm.. what to think, what to think?
Well, I’ll tell you what I believe.. MENTORS.. Four good, bad and (dare we say it?) ugly Mentors to help our new HG’s on their Big Brother 14 path to lying, backstabbing victory. I also believe..since we see everyone’s fave *cough, splutter* red-head in the Media Coverage..we WON’T be blessed with her presence in the real BB14 house. Listen carefully to the video.. Those you love and those you love to hate.. What does that tell you?

For all you procrastinators out there.. Here’s a time-line of events, so you won’t miss your chance for the Early-Bird Superpass Special and all the AWESOME events coming our way!

Big Brother Live Feed Early Bird discount starts – June 18
Big Brother 14 finalists sequestered – Estimated*: June 29 (they’re holed up in their hotels as we speak!)
Big Brother 14 House Tour: Exclusive Video on SuperPass – July 2nd
Rumor Control premieres on Superpass – July 2nd @ 3PM PT (BBT)
 Big Brother 14 cast reveal here!! (very, VERY soon- Stay Tuned!)
BB14 HGs enter the house (Will be revealed as soon as we know!)
Live Feed preseason Early Bird sale expires – July 11
Big Brother 14 premieres on CBS – July 12 @ 9PM ET/PT
Big Brother Live Feed turns on – July 12 @ 10PM PT (BBT)
Big Brother After Dark premieres on Showtime 2– July 12 @ 10PM PT (BBT)
* Estimates based on past seasons’ timelines.

STAY TUNED, my dahlings for all the Big Brother 14 news and updates! Hang with us on Facebook, Twitter and email updates. Check us out daily for all the latest! And don’t forget to SIGN UP HERE for your LIVE FEEDS, the only REAL way to watch!

June 27, 2012

New Big Brother 14 Commercial Released–Maybe Mentors?


Hey guys! CBS has just released the new Big Brother 14 Commercial- and from the looks of it.. It’s gonna be HUGE!! Check it out below and tell us what you think it means. And.. don’t forget to SIGN UP HERE for your FREE Trial of the BB14 LIVE FEEDS!! The best deal the summer has to offer!


OK– Here’s our thought.. Mentors?? According to some inside sources.. It looks like MAYBE we’re gonna see some beloved…and not so beloved… Big Brother 14 returning HG’s to mentor a whole new crop of HG’s. I can live with that, as long as it’s the NEW guys who are the true BB14 competitors!

Let’s hear your thoughts! Follow us on Twitter. Like us on Facebook. And sign up for our Email Updates to get all the latest gossip from the best summer show on TV!
And…Have you signed up for your super-fantabuloso LIVE FEEDS?? OMG! This is it, folks! The best summer deal money can buy! Three months of back-stabbing, lying, deceipt and..dare we say it.. Love in the BB14 House? Who can say? But unless you have you LIVE FEEDS you won’t know the whole..real…sordid?… story!

Whoosh! Did you just feel that “here comes Big Brother 14” shiver cross your spine??

June 23, 2012

Big Brother 14 Glimpse into Media Day


OK–Before  I show you the following (leaked–shhh) Big Brother 14 Media Day photo–I want to tell you… DON’T GET NERVOUS.

Also– Make sure you sign up for the LIVE FEEDS to get all the REAL scoop on what’s happening in the BB14 house! It’s the only way to REALLY know…

All right… Now, this photo could mean anything… I personally think it indicates the folks who are participating in the Media Day coverage–which is coming up soon. VERY soon, so stay tuned to Bigbigbrother… I do not believe it portends the names of the new BB14 Houseguests. The likely explanation is that a couple of the visible names are Media Day guest stars on this, the  first step to meeting the actual HG’s. As you know, they normally keep the identity of the true HG’s under very tight wraps!

Sale of  Big Brother 14 LIVE FEEDS are hotter than ever this year.. (Have you signed up for yours yet?) I believe with all my heart we’ll have all new houseguests this year.

So.. Having mentally prepared you– here is the very FIRST(hush-hush) photo from the Big Brother Media Day event.

BB14 Media Day-Thanks Big Bro Access

Notice some of the names? Matte B? Joel? Uh.. Brendan and Rachel?

Now, I can hear your agonized screams from here.. But again…DO NOT PANIC!! Big Brother knows it’s business, and we’re likely seeing the beginning of the publicity blitz that starts with the Big Brother 14 Media Day participants!!

Still don’t have your LIVE FEEDS ready to roll? Still have questions about how all the BB14 LIVE FEEDS work? CLICK HERE for more info, then SIGN UP HERE with Bigbigbrother.com. We’re raring to take you through every step of that roller-coaster ride that is BIG BROTHER 14!

Follow us on Twitter. Like us on Facebook — Sign up for our Email Updates, and leave your comments below–You won’t want to miss a second of all the crazy, non-stop action!

Thanks to our friends at Big Bro Access for the photo!

June 18, 2012

Big Brother 14 LIVE FEEDS on Sale Today!


Hey all you True-Blue, Dyed in the Wool Big Brother 14 fans… Monday, June 18th is opening day for the sale of the Real BB14 experience…The Big Brother LIVE  FEEDS!! WOOT! *throws confetti*

But don’t delay! This HUGE sale only last until Premiere Day, July 12 at 9/8 Central.

If you’ve been a feed-watcher for years, then you already know how amazing it is to actually watch the real happenings in the house–not just what you’re spoon-fed by the network. (The Network show is amazing, don’t get me wrong-but it’s only 1/3 of the story.)


If you are a loyal FEED watcher– please SIGN UP HERE with BBB! We’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest happenings, and we’re the BEST place to get together to dish on all the drama! With the Flashback Feature, you know you’ll never miss a second of the non-stop action!

AND–If you’ve never given the Live Feeds a try– you’re in luck! This year- you can get your FREE TRIAL here! The entire  season is only $29.99–and with the Free $30 worth of free MP3 downloads–you get WAYYY more for your money than ever before.

You can’t even take your family out for a fast-food meal for 30 bucks any more! And this is 3 months worth of FUN, FUN, FUN!

If you decide you are going to be the real-deal…A Big Brother SUPER-FAN– Please sign up here with BigBigBrother.com

And, please hang with us this season…We’re gonna have a BLAST tearing these Big Brother 14 folks to pieces. Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, or sign up for our email updates!

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Spend Quality time w/your favorites

The BEST PART? Watch the LIVE comps play out in REAL time!


Not sure how the LIVE FEEDS work? Click below for all the super-easy sign-up info and perks!

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