August 22, 2012



Ok- not sure– but something BIG is brewing in the Big Brother 14 house.

All the HG’s are on HOH lockdown, and apparently, the Suitcases are in the SR already!

This MUST have something to do with the mystery box in the claw machine.  My guess is the BB is hiding a coin somewhere–and the finder will win a prize or some power.

Hmmm– let’s see how this plays out.. Will keep you updated…


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August 22, 2012

When it’s Past Time to Let Go- in Big Brother 14


It was a damp night in the Big Brother 14 House. Tears were shed all over the house, and the some of the HG’s had a complete and total melt-down.


I think Frank finally, FINALLY sees that he has to let Boogie go. I just hope it’s not wayy too late for the Newbies. Frank’s blind loyalty might be the ruin of all the Newbies, if he and they don’t smarten up and realize they must, must team up in the next couple of weeks.

I can’t wait for Thursday to be over. For the poison that is Boogie to leave the house, and hope that the Newbies can begin playing their own game. Without a strong leader however, the Newbs are just going to fall victim to the charasmatic DDBS team, and fall one after the other.

And not only will that suck for them. It will truly suck for the rest of us to watch…It will be a slaughterhouse.

Ashley took the brunt of the heat last night, as Dani buddied up to Jenn, trying to twist her into believing she wants to work with her. She informed Jenn that Ashley is voting to keep Boogie. I believe Ashley doesn’t necessarily want to keep him, it’s just that I think she’s finally come to understand that none of them have a shot against the DDSB alliance, and believed that their only hope is to keep targets in front of them.

The idea is sound. But again, it will never work until Boogie is gone, and Frank begins playing his own game.

At around FLASHBACK-12:am BBT Joe finally told Frank that he would not vote to keep Boogie. I respect that. I like it when someone has the cajones to tell the truth. It’s the first move Joe’s done in the game that I do respect.

Later in the Arcade room, Ian broke down. FLASHBACK 12:47 I think he’s finally realizing how precarious his place is within the “QP.” He sees that Joe could be taking his place, and he must know how much potential trouble he’s in. At least as a spy, Ian told the truth about what he sees. Joe blows up the truth to an such an unrecognizable level, and the alliance knows they can use Joe to better effect than they can Ian. Dani and Dan discussed last night–that if Frank wins HOH, they will have to out Ian as the spy–and replace him with Joe. I think Ian intuits this, and is scared what this will do to his game. Though Ian’s acting like he’s upset at Joe for refusing to keep Boogie, it’s obvious what his real issue is, and he wants Joe out!

Ashley went up to HOH and had a flow-blown melt-down, and Jenn took her out to the chess game, to talk about why Ashley was thinking of voting against her. Ashley explained that she felt alone. That Dani had taken Jenn to her side, and Ashley felt all alone. I hope Jenn realizes that it’s not a vote to keep her–that it’s a vote to evict Boogie. And that–just like Ian–once they no longer need her, they’ll throw her away like one of Ashley’s used tissues.

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Note: At FLASHBACK 2:42 BBT Dan came out to the BY alone and said to the cameras: “It’s good to be King.”



August 21, 2012

Will the Real Big Brother 14-Fifth Wheel Please Stand up?


Big Brother 14– Will the REAL 5th Wheel Please Stand up.


What’s the haps in the Big Brother 14 house last night you ask?

Well not much. Boogie’s bitter. Jenn’s pissed. Dan’s hiding. And Danielle is doing everything but giving Shane the dance of the seven veils to get his attention. Just another day in BB14.

The real question on my mind is this: Who is the real 5th wheel? We know who the 4th is. Dan, Danielle and Shane are tight. Though I still hold to my theory that Dan will keep Brit around to sit next to him in the F2. He will NEVER allow the naïve (but comp-winning) Shane to sit next to him. He knows he can’t beat Capt. America.

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So that leaves Brit and Dani. (Brit’s playing this smooth right now, btw. Distancing herself from the heat is absolutely in her best interest). When it comes down to it, Dan knows that in the end, a jury of Newbies would rather vote for a sniveling, needy Newbie over a Crafty Coach any day.

But what I’m wondering is… since we’ve still got oh-so-many folks in the BB House…Who he plans on really using as his #5? Ian thinks it’s him—with the…(God, I hate writing this) Quack Pack. *Shudder*  Joe thinks he’s the guy, even naming their “alliance” the (jeez, this is embarrassing) Furious Five.

Both these bobble-heads think they’re Dan’s “guy.” When the truth is- he probably doesn’t really care either way. Yesterday Dan mentioned that perhaps Ian’s used up his usefulness.  That they’d gotten him to Jury and that’s all they’d ever told him they’d do. I mean, after all, what can he really contribute once Boogie’s gone? And Brit is sick of Ian’s gloating. . But on the other hand, the volatile Joe can be manipulated into starting fights that will draw the target away from the real alliance. Even Shane sees that, and has agreed with Dan that it might be time to replace their geeky 007.

For all the Ian fans out there—you’d better hope he smartens up. His esoteric knowledge of the game isn’t helping him here. He’s so focused on promoting his super-villain role, he doesn’t see that he’s about to get shoved into a little glass window and catapulted into space.

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August 20, 2012

Things heat up HARD after Big Brother 14 Week 6 POV Ceremony *Spoiler*


Wooweee! I mean we all knew it was coming, but dude. Things heated up HARD in the Big Brother 14 House after today’s VETO Meeting.

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August 20, 2012

Big Brother 14 Week 6 VETO Meeting Today *Spoiler* UPDATED


UPDATE!!!  Frank took himself off and Shane put Jenn up.. This is all I know– bigger post coming soon!! 

Well we can say one thing. Yesterday was not a normal sun-filled Sunday in the Big Brother 14 House.

We had a day full of gaming. And isn’t that why we watch in the first place?

Today we’ll see Frank use his veto, and Shane (after drinking Dan’s kool-aid, a move which will eventually come back to bite him in the butt) put Jenn up in his place,thereby deflating all Froogie’s hopes, AND pissing off the Newbies in the process.  Newbs who– up to now–have just been glad to be left out of the ‘Big Dog’ fight..

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