August 23, 2010

Veto Ceremony Today- Big Brother 2010 *Spoiler*


BIG Veto Ceremony Today in Big Brother 2010 House!

After a 24 hour period handcuffed to Brendan while he took his hourly chum baths, they were finally released. Watch the LIVE FEEDS and use the FLASHBACK feature- pretty funny, and even Britney said what a gentleman Brendan was during the whole ordeal- although Ragan trashed him, even about that.

Everyone began going to Britney, pleaded their various cases on whom to put on the block, when Brendan uses the Veto to save himself today. Matt also continually plays his (false) sympathy card, tugging on their heartstrings about his wife’s (again-fake) illness.

Professor Pouty Pants spent hours with Brit, pleading-not his own case, but Matt’s. Matt, on the other hand, tried to lead her to put up either Hayden or his BFF Ragan.

Ragan believes that Matt walks on water, would take a bullet for him, all the while Matt is aiming the gun, that hold that bullet right at Ragan.

The Brigade, to a man, is working to convince her that Matt is the  best bet to put up against Enzo.

Today is Brit’s 23rd birthday and Matt (sucking up, perhaps?) made her a cake.

thanks to bigbrotherleak

Britney is torn, scared of what will happen if Brendan wins the HOH in the upcoming, Thursday night DOUBLE EVICTION! It is sure to be an interesting show!

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August 22, 2010

Slime Monster and Professor Pouty Pants in Big Brother 2010-UPDATE


UPDATE- Matt finally had his time with Brit in the HOH room, after she and Brendan were released from the handcuffs. He told her he was freaking out, because of the situation with his WIFE..  Man- people are going to feel SO stupid when they find out the truth, especially Ragan, who waxes on and on about Matt’s “integrity”.

She just told him that is sucked, that she hated it, either way, she has to put up a friend. I am sure that now Matt is pretty sure he is going up. Strategically, she will tick off Lane and Enzo if she puts up Hayden. If she puts up Matt, she will only tick off Ragan.

Now, Professor Pouty Pants is up with her, and is going into full-blown lecture mode..  A lot of therefores and thereby’s. Please..

Whew! What a wild and crazy day in the Big Brother 2010 House.

After a brutal POV yesterday, things have once again flipped around in the house. Sign up HERE for the best deal of the season on the LIVE FEEDS!

With Brendan a lock to go home, he fought hard for the POV- accepting several punishments to stay in the house, while other HG’s took prizes instead of fighting.

Last last night, Hayden finally admitted to Enzo and Lane that he took both the $5,000 and the Hawaii vacation. that could come back to bite him in the butt later on.

Bren and Brit were handcuffed together for 24 hrs, and Brendan began his 24 dunks in the “Chum bucket”.

Both were really good sports about the whole thing, with Brit helping Bren with his towel, shower and microphone.

Note the words- “Good Sports”?  Remember back when the high and mighty Ragan called out Rachel for being a bad sport?  Interesting, huh? Especially since Professor Pouty Pants spent all night in his bed not speaking to anyone, and pouting about the POV results.

Matt finally feels the vibe that things are not quite as safe for him as he thought.

Today the pressure will be on Brit, as she is bombarded with the decision on whom to put up, when Brendan takes himself off the block tomorrow. She seems to be onboard with putting up Matt, but sign up for the LIVE FEEDS, and STAY TUNED for more the Slime Monster and Prof. Pouty Pants show!

August 21, 2010



UPDATE: Britney opened another Pandora’s Box and according to Brit..She was locked in the HOH room with JESSE for an hour while the rest of the HG’s enjoyed a Hawaiin feast, complete with hula girls. Brit claims that PB gave her a chance to “Get advice from someone for an hour.” and she thought maybe it would be someone like Evil Dick. Instead, Jesse spent the whole hour talking about himself.

UPDATE: LMAO!! Apparently, another punishment, is that Brendan and Britney will be handcuffed together for 24 hours- whose punishment is that? Hard call.

EDIT- There is some confusion on who actually won the 5000 dollars and no one knows for sure who took it or the Hawaii vacation.

Brendan won POV in Big Brother 2010!!

He had to shave his head..Enzo in Penguin suit, Hayden won $5 grand. Lane won a phone call. Someone won Hawaiian vacation. Matt won almost all the other prizes,according to the others.

The comp involved buzzing in for points- either for prizes or punishments. The punishments involved shaving your head, dying your hair pink, three weeks on slop, and Enzo in a penguin suit, and also had to donate all his clothes to charity-only leaving him underwear for the rest of the show- he will have to borrow after the week in the penguin suit.

No one knows for sure who won the trip, which will come into play this week. Someone is lying.

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Brit is mad because she thinks all the Brigade threw the comp and let Brendan win.

More Later!!

Brit is having a breakdown because she did not win any prizes, and is worried that now Brendan will come after her.

Apparently Matt won the most prizes. But supposedly, who won what prize is a secret, and Matt swears on his wife he didn’t win them. The others claim Matt felt so safe that he took as many prizes he could get his hands on.

Brit is being a HUGE whiner.. Lane is trying to talk her off the ledge, but geez-louise.. She is complaining that no one in the jury house will vote for her because she lost Rachel, Kathy and Brendan as her friends, and now they won’t vote for her. Well.. hmm.. wonder why that would be?? Could it be because you just said: “I just want Brendan to break his legs so he has to leave this house”. Things like that do not usually endear you to people.

aww.. bummer, huh?

August 21, 2010

Power of Veto today- Picks done and New plan in play *Spoilers_


UPDATE: 3:07 BBT POV comp still going on- will update when results in.
Trivia on feeds. POV going on. Stay tuned for POV results!

Today is the most important POV yet in the Big Brother 2010 House.

Brit nominatedBrendan and Enzo yesterday, with Enzo as the pawn. The plan was, of course, to get rid of Brendan, despite Brit’s promise not to nominate him. (Told ya).

Lane lets Brit in on new plan

So, it looked to be a universal house decision. Ho-hum, Brendan out, and, on to the double eviction. But wait… Remember.. This is Big Brother. On the Superpass Live Feeds (sign up here- only $14.95), last night, a weird vibe started floating through the house. It drifted from one person to the next until it was finally voiced by Hayden.

All of a sudden, the other brigade members, started feeling a bit uncomfortable about their Matty.. And Rightly so.. Matt is playing the game better than anyone at this point. Yes, he has had a lot of luck. The Diamond Power of Veto, for instance. Now, that is gone, but Matt still has “alliances” on both sides of the house. A fact that is just now occurring to the other members of the Brigade. “He’s sitting pretty” said Enzo, “We won’t put him up and they won’t put him up.” They are contemplating the fact that maybe it would be better to save Brendan, who has no one, vs Matt, who has ties on both sides of the house.

Suddenly, Matt is making them all nervous, and so they have implemented a new plan. “Operation Backdoor Matty”.

POV pics were done last night, with only Ragan sitting out, as host. That means, if this plan really gets put into action, that Matt will be playing for the POV against all the others. He, of course has no idea this is going on.

You know, I like Matt just fine, he is not part of what I consider the “Cruel Crew” and the only thing I don’t like is the lie about his wife. If he begins using that excessively, I will be thoroughly disgusted, but for now, gotta admit, he is playing hard.

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One thing I thought was just hilarious- Last night, Ragan and Britney were discussing what they miss the most. Ragan said that he missed going out to the clubs, but that he was sad that he would lose his anonymity. That now that he would be famous, he would not be able to enjoy himself. Britney told him that was the price they had to pay as celebrities. Ok… Really??

August 20, 2010

Nomination Results in on Big Brother 2010 *Spoiler*


Britney made her noms, in the Big Brother 2010 house, and they are no surprise.

Brendan and Enzo are up. Brit asked Matt at the last second before the Nom ceremony-to go up as a pawn. He told her no way, no how.

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