May 7, 2011

End of BB13 auditions–beginning of the pre-season!


Well, today was the last day of open auditions for Big Brother 2011. Welcome to Bigbigbrother and for all you returnee’s I hope you’re getting set for another season of wild and woolly craziness!

Good luck to all of you who auditioned. As a fan since day one, I have to tell you I’ve never, EVER thought of trying out myself. I’m too much of a softy. I hold people to their words, and keep my feelings too close to the surface.

I’d never be able to deal with the nastiness, the double-crosses, the lying. But for all of you who went for it, and know you can dominate.. More power to ya!

It’s now less than two months till the premiere, and CBS has announced that Big Brother 2011 will premiere on July 6th and will continue on it’s usual Wed, Thurs and Sundays.

In the spirit of preparation.. Here is a poll of those HG’s we love to hate.

Vote for your favorite Big Brother 2011  Villain!

I can’t wait to hear from you, so leave your Bigbigbrother comments below and let’s get ready!

April 3, 2011

Big Brother 2011 Premiere Date Announced!


Are you ready to see this face 3 times a week?

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Here we go! Getting ready to roll! is ready to give you all the Big Brother 2011 coverage, news, exciting bang-em-up comments, and of course…SPOILERS, about the new season starting off with the premiere date.

CBS announced the start date for the 2011, 13th season of Big Brother!!

Eat all the leftover hot dogs  and fire off all the remnants of your firecrackers on July 5th, so you can be inside in front of your TV on July 6th for the premiere of Big Brother 2011!


I know that most of us tried and true Big Brother fans hope to see a big change this season. I for one, hope to see REAL people duking it out for the big prize. If you’re as sick as I am with seeing Hollywood wanna-be’s taking up our beloved spots on the show…SPEAK UP BELOW in our comments section.

Big Brother is still holding BB13 auditions, so if you dream of being a cast member, there’s a chance, yet.

Tune in all season, as we cover EVERYTHING Big Brother 2011 related and follow us on Twitter and join us on Facebook.

Below see the interview with casting director Robyn Kass, courtesy of my good friend, Matt, at Big Brother Network:

Every Big Brother preseason we’re flooded with auditioning questions on how to apply, nail the audition, and end up in the BB House. While I’d consider myself quite the Big Brother connoisseur and a dedicated fan since the first season I’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to casting the best reality show evah, I only know what I’ve gleaned from those more adventurous than me.

So, armed with a stack of the most often asked casting questions and my own curiosities of what goes on behind the curtain, I turned to Big Brother Casting Director Robyn Kass of Kassting Inc., who graciously agreed to be interviewed and share her unmatched insight.

Read the rest of the interview here and then share your thoughts on the new season!

October 17, 2010

Big Brother 2011 – Apply Now To Audition


If you think you’ve got what it takes to be the winner of Big Brother 13 then grab your application and get ready to audition! CBS has already renewed Big Brother for its 2011 season.

Auditions will start being listed in the Spring, but for now you can start preparing yourself by watching back over past seasons to see what worked and what got HGs evicted! Keep checking back for more details.

Notice: This site only covers Big Brother US. We have no information on the international versions of the show.

September 16, 2010

And the Award for Best Edit Ever Goes to…. Britney. Oh yeah, and Hayden won Big Brother 2010


It’s time to say a fond (or not so fond-depending on your POV) farewell to Big Brother 2010.

I guess first, we ought to officially congratulate Hayden for winning Big Brother.

I’m glad he won. Of the three left, considering all around performance, he deserved it, so kudos, Hayden. Enjoy…

Now, for the award for best edit ever in a reality show…. The winner is… The editors from Big Brother for giving people NOT in the know, the most skewed picture of who a houseguest really ISN’T…

America… Are you really that delusional? That you believe the edit, showing Britney to be a sweet little funny charmer?  When they showed Monet’s nasty comments, it showed Brit rolling her eyes. When the truth was that it was SHE who instigated all the nasty, negativity in the entire season.

Or have we really become a society of “mean people”? Do we honestly still reward the pretty people who have the blackest hearts?  That was the Britney and Ragan show, plain and simple.

I didn’t care for Rachel. She was simply too much. But did the voters who cast their votes for Brit for AP do so because they LIKE people who spend hours each day talking trash about other people? Or did they simply believe what they were told?

I felt my heart drop when Julie pulled her name out of that envelope. It hurts me to think that America believes in rewarding that sort of ugly behavior. So.. I choose to believe that most were just ignorant.

It is not pretty, but at least it is understandable. The alternative shakes my faith in the values of this country. Apparently, she lives right down the road from where I work. If ever I see her, I will tell her.. I saw the real you, and so did many others. You fooled a lot of people, but I use YOU as an example to my fourteen year old cheer-leader niece of who NOT to be in life.- Although, that is a difficult road, when she sees someone like Britney being rewarded. How do we tell our kids. Be kind. Be nice. Be decent. When they see the exact opposite winning awards??

Shame on you, America.

Goodbye, my friends. Thank you all so much for making this year bearable.

And please come back next year!

It is bound to be a better season! Has to be, right??

September 15, 2010

Season Finale Big Brother 2010 *Important UPDATES


Hello my Friends!

UPDATE! Even though she was not my favorite.. This is sad news.
by Sandra Gonzalez
Categories: News
Big Brother 12 jury member Britney Haynes’ Little Rock, Ark., home was damaged in a fire early this morning, according to the Little Rock Fire Department. Fire crews responded to a call at the home, which Hayes shares with her fiancé Nick Grisham, at 1:32 a.m. Wednesday. An outdoor grill is believed to have caused the blaze, the department told EW. Damages are estimated to be around $50,000, according to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. Little Rock FD would not confirm the figure. CBS has yet to return calls for comment regarding Haynes’ scheduled appearance on tonight’s finale.From

UPDATE #2: by Lynette Rice
Categories: Reality TV
Image Credit: Cliff Lipson/CBSIn anticipation of its two-hour, 12th season finale tonight, CBS announced that it has ordered a 13th season of Big Brother for next summer.
The current edition posted year-to-year increases, up five percent in viewers (7.64 million versus 7.26 million), four percent in adults 18-49 (2.7 rating/09 share versus 2.6/08), 10 percent in adults 18-34 (2.3/08 versus 2.1/07) and three percent in adults 25-54 (3.2/09 versus 3.1/09).
“Big Brother is our summer hero,” said CBS’ Jennifer Bresnan, executive vice president, alternative programming, in a statement. “Every year, our producers deliver innovative twists and turns, consistently evolving this proven franchise and engaging one of the most loyal and interactive fan bases on television and online.”
The two-hour finale, in which Lane, Enzo and Hayden will compete for the $500,000 prize, will air tonight following the premiere of Survivor: Nicaragua. Big Brother is executive produced by Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan for Fly on the Wall Entertainment, in association with Endemol U.S.A. The host is Julie Chen, who also writes a Big Brother blog for

First, I want to apologize. Something crazy has been going on with the site the last couple of days. Not sure what. But I think I’ve got it fixed now. Please feel free to post your final posts. Even some of mine disappeared!

This is it.  Almost three months worth of drama, tears (talking about you, Ragan, Britney), ugliness and, at the end, boredom.

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