July 20, 2012

Big Brother 14 Week 2 Coach Competition Results! Plus Will Punches get Thrown this week? *Spoiler*


The results of the Big Brother 14 Coach’s Competition are in and…..

Looks like Janelle won with Boogie in 2nd! And Janelle “saved” Ashley.

Apparently, there was a big Willie-blow up, and minutes after the comp, Willie came into the HOH room where  Joe, Janelle, Frank and Boogie were celebrating and told them that he was going to get himself thrown out this week before they can evict him.

The others believe Willie plans to punch someone to get himself evicted. OMG! You better jump on your LIVE FEEDS!! 

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July 20, 2012



No pouty HG’s in this post!  Just HAPPY to announce the winners of our Big Brother 14 Feeds Contest!!

We can’t tell you how much we appreciate you hanging out on Bigbigbrother for your Big Brother needs, and for signing up with us for your Feeds!

Without any further ado…

(OK- Just  a LITTLE more ado)

“Catherine Giles”–You are the grand prize winner! An I LOVE BIG BROTHER coffee mug and a $30.00 Gift Certificate to Amazon.com! 

  • “Timothy Deckard”  is our 2nd Place Winner, and 
  • “Susan” Is our 3rd Place Winner of:

I LOVE BIG BROTHER coffee mugs!!  

Again- thank all of you so much for entering, and let’s have a Terrific Big Brother Season together!! WOOT!
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July 20, 2012

Boogie (oops I mean FRANK) is victorious in Big Brother 14 Week 2 HOH


Things turn on a dime in the Big Brother 14 House. This we know 

As you also know, things are never quite what they appear on the network show, either. The interesting thing on the show last night, was Janelle’s complete absence vis-a-vis Coach-gate. The edit made it appear 100% Britney. And yes…she made a monumental mistake telling Willie “her” theory that the coaches may re-enter the game.

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July 19, 2012

Burglery in the Big Brother 14 House! *Spoiler*


The Crime-wave continues in the Big Brother 14 House!


All day yesterday the vote-wrangling continued, with Willie now dead-set against his ex-Bromance, Frank. After “Fruit Loop-Gate yesterday, (this in reference to Willie’s angry tirade in which he told Frank he refused to be uncomfortable, and that he was going to come outside and eat his ‘Gotdang’ Fruit Loops whenever he F’n wanted.) Frank’s response to this was “Well, GO on and eat your Fruit Loops then, boy.” {I still chuckle about this when I think of it.}

It’s anyone’s game at this point, with some people changing their minds every five minutes. But the way it’s falling out now, it looks like:

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July 18, 2012

Hurricane Willie blows through the Big Brother 14 House. *Spoiler*


FINALLY!! We all knew it was going to happen. The tension has been mounting in the Big Brother 14 house for the last few days. And last night at FLASHBACK 9:30 BBT that pressure popped like a big old juicy zit.

It all began with Brit telling the volatile Willie about Janelle’s theory– that the coaches may come back into the game. Willie then proceeded to call a “Newbie House Meeting” up in the HOH to tell the rest of the gang the ‘big secret’ and ‘not to trust their coaches any more.’

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