August 17, 2010

WWMD (What will Matt do?) Big Brother 2010


Speculations went round and round in the Big Brother 2010 house last night as Matt kept hinting at a possible power floating around in the house.

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Enzo and Hayden are going back and forth on rather or not to tell Matt that they are voting to keep Lane. With all Matt’s talking about a “secret power”, they are worried that if they tell him, he may have a power, and telling him would cause him to turn it against them.

My best guess is that Matt will take the easy road and replace himself with Kathy. I believe that is a big waste of a bigger power. On the other hand, Matt has talked big talk about making power moves in the game, so.. Will he put up Brit instead, ridding himself of a dangerous player? Or even one of the Brigade members in retaliation for them telling him they plan to vote him out over Lane.. Only Matt knows at this point.

Matt lucked out  big time in his Pandora’s Box selection, but the other question is.. What did Brendan receive in his Pandora’s box?  We know that he released Rachel on the house (where as Matt’s selection released the (lame) Saboteur, Ragan. So.. if Matt received the Diamond POV, what did Brendan get?

Brendan did not seem upset that he did not get to see Rachel, so presumably, there must be another element to his Pandora’s experience.

Last night, the Sabo played messages all night, keeping the HG’s up- another ho-hum, no risk trick-  The gist of the messages were:

HGs wake up, wake up
HGs expect the unexpected
HGs did you miss me
HGs did you remember to pray
HGs someone may be leaving tomorrow
HGs am I keeping you up
HGs time is running out
HGs being evicted is not all that bad
HGs have you been having nightmares about me
HGs insomnia isn”t that bad is it
HGs have you packed your bags yet
HGs I recommend you say your goodbyes tonight
HGs who can you trust in the competition
HGs go to sleep there is no competition

Way to go on the Sabo, Ragan.. Not.. He is taking the no-risk path as the Sabo.. I wish he had to do at least ONE physical trick. These messages are boring, and are not affecting the game at all.. (Yawn)

STAY TUNED or sign up for your own FREE TRIAL of the LIVE FEEDS– time is running out and the game is getting very tight..  Who will go…Who will stay??  When will we see OTEV??

And what the heck is Lane doing??

August 16, 2010

New Game-Changing Comp? Big Brother 2010 POV Ceremony today! *Spoiler


UPDATE:  The POV Ceremony is done, and Ragan (naturally) used it on himself. Brendan then put Matt up as the replacement. He was torn between Matt and Britney. Britney went to HOH right before the ceremony and promised him safety if she wins HOH next week.

With Matt on the block-which is what he wanted-he will be able to play his Diamond POV on Thursday night, and decide who goes up as his replacement. The question now, is who Matt will put up as replacement. Will he waste the power on a weak move, like putting up Kathy? A throw-away move-or will he use it to rid himself of a power player like Britney? OR will he finally decide to take out some of his Brigade alliance, especially now that they have begun doubting him due to how close he has gotten to Ragan?  This week’s LIVE FEEDS ought to be VERY interesting as we see which way the wind blows with Matt..

Once again, the CBS Show of Big Brother 2010 does not give you the real scoop of what is going on in the house.

I don’t know (I never have) why they skew things so much that they don’t tell you TV only watchers. Only on the SUPERPASS LIVE FEEDS do you know the real story.

When Ragan came on for the umpteenth time talking about being “bullied” I had to turn it off. Yes, Brendan had harsh words for Ragan, and granted, he and Rachel can be extremely irritating ,  but for all of us Live Feeders, we know that Brit and Ragan, who play such pitiful victims on the CBS show, are truly some of the meanest, nastiest players we have ever seen.

The BIG NEWS today is:

A) Rachel is gone, and Brendan is back- and everyone is scrambling to get their version of the battles that went on between Rachel and Brit/Ragan.

B) New Sabo message-stating that there would be a new “game changing” competition today.

No one knows if this is actually true,so SIGN UP TODAY to see what kind of comp happens today.

Also, the Brigade is quickly falling apart, as Matt’s shady behaviour is causing the rest of the Brigade to mistrust him. He is pushing hard to get put up. We, of course, know that he wants to get on the block, so he can use the Diamond POV, take himself down and replace himself with Kathy- thereby saving himself, Ragan, and Britney and still having  his Brigade alliance. I think his rep with the Brigade is damaged beyond repair.

Brit and Ragan both think that everyone hates Brendan and wants to get rid of him asap. The truth is, that Hay/Enz have made a pseudo alliance with Brendan and plan on keeping him-targeting Britney and Ragan(and possibly Matt)  as their next targets.

Hay/Enzo have been pushing Brendan hard to put up Brit, but no one knows what Brendan will do?

STAY TUNED or Sign up for the most important POV ceremony AND possible extra competition today!

What is your opinion of Ragan as Sabo. To me.. he has not really taken any risks. It seems pretty easy to record messages in the DR and let them be played while you sit in complete safety..

August 15, 2010

Confrontation Part II Big Brother 2010- **SPOILERS**


Things heated up even more last night in Big Brother 2010.

With Rachel back in the house for 24 hours, things went into auto-turmoil! Brendan is AWOL- no one knows exactly where he is, or what happened with Pandora’s Box, but it is doubtful that he and Rachel will get to have any face time.

My theory is that something said “You can choose for Rachel to come back for 24 hrs, or.. X amount of $$” and he chose Rachel, not realizing that he would not see her, but would have to leave, himself, for those hours.

After the mega blowup between Ragan and Rachel in the BY. Superpass Flashback 8/14 6:15 BBT, Ragan and Rachel sat down to (sort of) make amends. When Ragan “apologizes” he mainly just lectures the other person.

Then, FLASHBACK 8/14 11:55 BBT Rachel and Brit had a confrontation where Rachel outed Brit in front of everyone for saying that Brit thought that Enzo was the Sabo.

The Brigade has a major fracture. E/L/H are very suspicious about where Matt’s loyalties lie, and feel that he may have told Ragan about their alliance..

What will happen today? Rachel will  be in the house until 3pm, when Brendan returns. Sign up here for the most explosive LIVE FEEDS we have seen all season!!

August 14, 2010

Rachel back in the Big Brother 2010 House! SPOILER!UPDATED- Big BY Blowout!


OMG!! OMG!! Rachel is back in the Big Brother 2010 House!!  GET THE FEEDS!! GET THE FEEDS!!

UPDATE:  BIG, BIG MAJOR confrontation between hypocrite Ragan and Rachel in BY.  She went in to BY to ask him if he wanted a cookie- to rub the HN into his face. Nasty, I know, but then he attacked her in a MAJOR personal way. The hate spewed out, calling her  zit-faced, disgusting, parrot faced, a stupid waitress, embarrassment.. and it went on and on. He talked about the way she “bullied” him and how she talked bad about people. Ummm. NO one in the house (except maybe Brit) does more trash talking than him..  Low.. Rachel wanted to dig at him a bit, but dang, Ragan, think you freaked out and went just a bit too far..  Jeez…..

Now Britney is lying about the confrontation- She said that he got mad because Rachel said something about him being gay.  She TOLD him that she loves gays and he was not a cool gay guy…   Also that she said That is why your dad won’t talk to you, and she actually said- That is why your family won’t talk to you.. She did not mention dad…  Get your facts straight, Princess..

Apparently, Brendan opened Pandora’s Box, and released Rachel back into the BB House for 24 hours.

Brendan is nowhere to be found, and is presumably either in Pandora’s Box, or perhaps there was a jury house, BB house swap..

The lights went out.. She came in the door, and said:”I’m BACK bitches!”  Ragan was insulted, and she told him to grow some balls.  She has seen all the goodbye messages, and confronted Britney and Ragan on theirs. Britney backpedaled, stating that she didn’t really say that!

Ragan hiding

Rachel has a mission, that she has to ask each of the HG’s questions one on one.

Sign up here for the LIVE FEEDS for this never before seen twist in the house!!  Use the FLASHBACK feature 8/14 @ 3:15 BBT!!

August 14, 2010



Good morning, readers,

Could it BE any more crazy in the Big Brother house??

The POV comp is done and…… RAGAN WON!  This is nuts!  Everytime someone’s back is against the wall, they come through.  WOW! This is going to be the most strategic week, ever.  Since day one, there has been a specific target, usually based on drama and emotions.  Now… it is time to start looking toward the end and who you want out, AND, who you want to be there.  Can’t WAIT for the LIVE FEEDS on Sunday and Monday to see who can convince BRendan to take their side, and if Matt will use the D-POV!  WOOWEE!!

check out brendan and Enzo's pants- part of comp costume

The HG’s are talking about the “Zingbot” who hosted the POV comp.  The person obviously knew the HG’s, according to the comments that were made.  Hubby just KNOWS that it was Rachel, dressed in the robot costume and THAT is what the cryptic comment was from Julie..  I think so too!

It is a lovely Saturday in the Big Brother 2010 House, and guess what? They have already picked POV players!

Everyone except Matt and Britney are playing. Lane got HG choice and he picked Hayden over Britney to play. Was that a big clue to the other HG’s as to where his real alliance lies?

Okay- I know you get sick of hearing about the LIVE FEEDS– but really.. I Love them so much,and they are SOO cheap, that I want all of you to watch them and see the real story that you do NOT get on CBS!! Come on board with me! Because today will be THE FEED DAY to watch.  Everything hinges on today.  I believe starting today will set the stage for who goes to F4.  Especially if Matt has to reveal himself with the D-POV!

Ragan has lost it! After mocking Rachel (who is a girl) for crying, he has turned into a weepy mess. And you know what? After re-watching an exchange between Brit and Ragan on the Superpass Flashback (the coolest thing EVER) I can’t believe that the two spent at least an hour trashing Brendan and Rachel again, and how it would be in the jury house with them.

No one is really certain why Brendan changed his mind. My best guess is that Britney’s crying and begging got to him, plus, she has promised not to put him up if she gets HOH- A promise I do not intend her to keep. PLUS- he respects her as a competitor, with 3 POV wins.

Say what you will about Brendan, but from the beginning, (aside from his lame wimpiness with Rachel) I had asserted that Brendan is actually a nice person. He has really changed with Rachel’s abscence.  Remember when he was so kind to Annie?  Even after Annie went off on him?  I think that is the real Brendan. He has aplolgized to everyone for his behaviour in the last week, including throwing the ball when Jeff and Jordan were in the house. All of that was his ploy to take the heat off Rachel. Well, it didn’t work. but now, Enzo and Hayden are seriously considering keeping him around for awhile.

We have talked a lot about emotions and personalities on this site. I am a girl.. That is what we do.. But.. now I think it is time to think about strategy. Here is what I see happening, what do ya’ll think??

Lane and Ragan on block.

Matt has D-POV

Possible POV scenarios— First- Matt is a serious BB fan, and a gamer. Will he be able to resist using the D-POV no matter what the outcome of the POV comp? Will he risk his status as an honest Brigade member by using it?

Lane wins, uses it, Brendan has no choice but to put up Brit- (but will he do it, after saying he didn’t want to BD her?) Brit goes home.

Ragan wins, uses it, Brendan puts up Matt- who uses D-POV- and selects Kathy as his replacement. Kathy goes home.

Hayden, Enzo, Brendan win- do not use it, Ragan goes home.

Hayden Enzo win- save Lane–Brit goes up, and home.

The Brigade are pushing for Brit to go up and home in a backdoor move. Enzo and Hayden want to pull Lane and Matt away from their “side alliances” with Brit and Ragan, respectively.

Whew! That is a lot of ifs.. huh??

So.. what are your scenarios?  What do you think about the Brendan we see now.  Who do you want to go home this week?

This POV comp is everything today! Watch the LIVE FEEDS, because this is the first POV where the stakes are this high!!


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