Survivor 2013 got off to a great start last week on CBS, as returning players arrived on the island with their loved ones at their side and excited to play the game with their loved ones. Jeff Probst threw a wrench into that plan and told them it was Survivor Blood vs Water and they were competing against their loved ones and not with them! Survivor Season 27 continues tonight and we get to find out the first person who got eliminated on Survivor 2013 tonight! Get a sneak peek of tonight’s episode in my Survivor 2013 spoilers video below!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Episode 2 Preview

Last week on Survivor 27things got off to a quick start when the tribes were formed and they each had to vote off one of their members! First impressions were huge in this game and we found Laura, Rupert’s wife, voted off for the newbies (Galang Tribe) and Candice voted off for the returning players (Tadhana Tribe). They weren’t eliminated, but found themselves heading to Redemption Island to play for a spot back in the game!

However, Jeff added a new twist and their loved ones could take their place on Redemption Island and they would join the tribe of their loved one. Rupert jumped at the chance, so he headed to Redemption Island and Laura joined Tadhana Tribe. Candice talks with her husband John and decides to go to Redemption Island because she feels she can beat Rupert, but they do realize new castaways get added every week, right?

The Galang Tribe lost the first Immunity Challenge on Survivor 2013 and after Gervase celebrated a little too much for the Tadhana Tribe and their victory, the tribe members decided his niece Marissa should be the target and voted her off.

She will join Rupert and Candice on Redemption Island tonight and we get the first battle. Two will survive and one will be eliminated for good. Emotions are running high at Redemption Island, so make sure to bring your Kleenex tonight! Check out the preview here:

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