It is Wednesday and we our back together here on Big Big Brother for our Survivor 2013 coverage. I have been meaning to post more articles, but nothing has struck my fancy and no real news to report on Big Brother 2013 HouseGuests, so I have moved past it. We get another episode of Survivor Season 27 and Week 3 has some of the castaways reaching their boiling points! Check out a preview in my Survivor 2013 spoilers video below!

Survivor 2013 Spoilers - Week 3 Preview

Last week on Survivor 2013, some interesting events happened. The thing I find the funniest is that Colton is on the Galang Tribe and they are all about peace and harmony and very little game talk. Colton came in with that attitude, but he is wanting to change and is over all the love and is ready to burst. However, his antics are doing nothing for him and his tribe is having none of his drama!

Besides that, we had our first challenge at Redemption Island and we saw Rupert lose and he was the first castaway eliminated on Survivor 2013! How crazy is that?

We also saw the Tadhana Tribe lose the Immunity Challenge again and head to Tribal Council again. The guys decided to eliminate Rachel with hopes of Tyson saving her at Redemption Island this week and then Rachel joining the Galang Tribe and making them weaker in challenges. Will it work though?

Check out the preview here and then come back tonight for the link to my recap! I’ll post a couple more videos for your pleasure this afternoon and try to bring some love back to the Big Big Brother family:

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