We saw the Big Brother 2013 finale last night and that means our time together for this summer has come to an end (insert sad face)! With that being said, I want to just give a big thanks to everyone that joined me for this crazy and bumpy ride this summer. Big Brother 15 was difficult to handle at times, but reading your comments and getting some laughs from them made it a lot better.


This is my first time covering Big Brother and I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed it, even with a season of crappy HGs. I can only imagine what next summer (with a better cast) will do for me! It’s so nice to see a group of people come together on this site and become so close and become online friends. Yes, we are like a family here. We don’t always agree or get along, but in the end we each have some love for each other.

If I am ever feeling down or sick of people, I will just pop on here and read your comments. I have seen some great compliments come my way because of you all, so I will print them out and paste them around my house to remind myself!

We can only hope for a better Big Brother 16, but it should be since Cat and myself will be HGs, right??? I guess I won’t be covering it since I will be on it, huh???

I will continue to post follow-up stories and news from this season, so keep an eye out for those. Big Brother never ends, does it?

For those wanting to keep up with me and my never-ending writing, you can find me on here covering Survivor and you can also find me on Reality Rewind covering all the shows and I run the site Gossip & Gab, so look for my articles there under my name and under Gossip & Gab as the author.

Again, thank you for an enjoyable season and some amazing comments along the way. Fans like you make this easy to do!

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