Ladies and gentlemen, we have made it to another season of Big Brother! Tonight we will see sixteen new houseguests (including one new houseguest!)move into the Big Brother 23 house and compete for a grand prize of $500,000! What else do we have to look forward to tonight on Big Brother? Keep reading to find out!

Like last year, the Big Brother 23 HGs will move in live tonight during the premiere. After entering the house, they will be able to quickly get to know as much about each other as they can before being thrown into the first twist of the season!

Tonight’s twist will include four captains being named and those captains will watch quick clips about the other HGs. They will then pick three other HGs to be on their team. The HGs will then go on to play in the first Head of Household competition and the winner will be named HOH and their team will be safe from eviction. This is just the first part of the twist!

The next part of this twist will be that the remaining 12 HGs will compete in a separate comp and safety will be up for grabs. However, in true Big Brother fashion, if the winner takes the safety, there could be a punishment handed out in its place. We will probably see some of this play out during tonight’s 90-minute season premiere which will air starting at 8 PM EST tonight. Chances are the rest of it will play out on the Big Brother live feeds which are set to go live after the west coast airing of tonight’s premiere (12:30 AM EST/9:30 PM PST)!

Be on the lookout throughout the season because I will have all your Big Brother spoilers right here on Big Big Brother!!

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