We have been racking our brain on why Megan Lowder would leave the Big Brother house, after all, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime. Last we saw of Megan she was being nominated for eviction on Big Brother 19 on Thursday night. When the Big Brother 2017 Live Feeds started streaming, she wasn’t there anymore. So, what happened? Find out here.

Why Did Megan Lowder Leave the Big Brother 19 House?

For a few days we have all heard different sides of this story and none of the stories actually came from Megan, until now. Megan did an interview with The Desert Sun and explained why she chose to leave the Big Brother house early. Keep reading to get the details here with my Big Brother 2017 spoilers!

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Shortly after Megan’s departure, we started hearing some rumors around the house. One of them was that she got caught in a web of lies and got verbally attacked by a couple of the male HGs because of it. We saw on Thursday night that Josh was one of those culprits when he lashed out verbally at her after the first round of the HOH comp.

She had no idea why Josh was so upset. All she did was ask who grabbed the Golden Apple during the comp and Josh started screaming at her. He told her that he didn’t want anything to do with her and the way she plays the game is disgusting. He accused her of going after him and trying to have him evicted and that’s why he took the Golden Apple, which saved him but got him and his team eliminated from the comp.

Later when they got back to the house, he approached her and continued the conversation, but this time it was in front of the entire house. Cody, this week’s HOH later ended up putting her up for eviction at the Nomination Ceremony. The only reason he gave her was that he didn’t “like her much.”

When the live feeds started streaming Thursday night, we heard a conversation between Christmas and Raven which pointed out that Megan got caught in a web of lies. It also brought up an accusation of a racist comment that was made. Apparently, Megan went to Alex and told Alex that she overheard Jessica call Alex a “panda.” Alex accused Megan of lying about this which added to the tension in the house.

In the interview with The Desert Sun, Megan says that by the time the rumors of the racist comment started, she had already started telling HGs that she wanted to leave. After the confrontation with Alex, Megan went into the DR where she started “having a panic attack and they wound up taking me to the hospital a couple hours later.”

Megan opened up in the interview about suffering from PTSD after being sexually assaulted while stationed in Norfolk, Virginia. As Megan shared with us before, she is a Navy veteran and due to the PTSD she began having severe anxiety which caused her to be “physically ill.”

She closed the interview by saying that it was because of her own issues and that no one else is to blame. She also said without the stuff she had going on she “probably could have handled things very, very differently and been fine, but I just couldn’t.” You can read Megan’s entire interview with The Desert Sun here.

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