Now that we’ve officially met the new Big Brother 14 players…

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Let’s talk about the twist— ¬†According to CBS, this season will also feature four returning HG’s from previous seasons. And BTW– sources are VERY clear that it will NOT—I repeat NOT be Rachel Reilly, or anyone from Season 13, in fact.

According to Executive Producer, Allison Grodner:

“Four epic players – including fan favorites and winners – are coming in with their own agenda,” teases executive producer¬†Allison Grodner. “It’s a game within a game, if you will.” While the identities of these returning players and their goal are still under wraps (“It’s not people from last season,” Grodner insists),

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So we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief on that one. But it opens more questions that it resolves.


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OK- so, they specifically mention previous PRIZE winners.. They didn’t say WINNERS. What does that tell us?

CBS has listed 16 previous fan faves and “prize winners.” Who among the following do you most want to see return to play out their own game and possibly mentor the newbies?

And psst- Here’s a little something to wet your whistle.. In a SUPERPASS-LIVE FEED interview, Willie Hantz said the one person he would most hate to see return to BB14 is Britney (BB12). He specifically hates her because she “thinks she’s better than everyone else.”

What an epic battle THAT could turn out to be!!

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