Well we have made it to week five in the Big Brother 19 house without someone snapping, but after last night’s eviction, it’s bound to happen. They tell you all the time to expect the unexpected in the Big Brother 2017 house and last night, while expected by us, not so much by some of the HGs.

This was literally the look on my face listening to Paul talk to Jessica and Cody last night after the feeds came back. He was trying to explain to them why they flipped their vote last night. Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to get all the information about last night’s live feeds!

Big Brother Live Feeds

Last night the feeds came back and Paul was talking to Jessica and Cody in the lounge. Paul is trying to convince them that the decision to vote Ramses out was last minute and uses the reasons that he had no alliances to anyone and he took the $25,000. When Paul knows who really took the $25,000 and then tried to tell them that just because he is the vet in the house, he isn’t always pulling the reigns. Says that it was a strategic move, not a personal attack. He is such a good liar.

There are a lot of conversations around the house about the bomb that Jessica dropped right before the end of the live show. They are all confused about why Jessica wouldn’t use it if she was on the block last week. Paul talks to everyone that was on his side for the blindside vote and tells them all that despite Jessica claiming she has the temptation, he is going to put her and Cody up this week. The Hex stops the eviction, not the nomination, from happening. This will essentially be a wasted HOH unless it’s a rewind week. Which has also been in some talks around the house.

Paul’s plan, if it’s a rewind week, is to put Mark and Elena up. If he can’t get rid of one showmance, he’s going to gun for the other. The rest of the talks around the house revolve around Jessica and what the DoT tempt could be. Paul camtalks before bed saying he is going to call Jessica’s bluff about this power and put her and Cody up.

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