With Mark’s eviction the definite plan for this week, the rest of the Big Brother 19 HGs are planning their next moves. If you missed any of those discussions on the Big Brother live feeds, keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers for all the details!

Big Brother 2017 Live Feeds Recap Week 8 - Sunday

Jason enjoying the pool knowing that he is safe from eviction this week. That’s exactly what I would be doing, but he shouldn’t enjoy it too long because he is the next target for a lot of the house. Find out who else is on the hit list as the HGs start to turn on each other. Keep reading to find out where I think the alliances will fall in the coming weeks right here! 

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Ok, so as we saw on last night’s episode of Big Brother 2017 there are new, smaller alliances forming and this is where everyone seems to be falling. The obvious duos in the Big Brother house are Jason and AlexChristmas and JoshMatt and Raven. Then there is Paul who seems to be latching onto all these duos, Kevin who has been taken under Jason’s wing, but Alex keeps warning Jason that Kevin is her target. Mark, who is going to the jury house to hang out with Cody and Elena on Thursday. Keep this all in mind while you read this.

Paul has been talking a lot of game with Matt and Raven, he is making them think that they are his ideal F3, but he tells us that it is Christmas and Josh. After telling us via camtalking that it’s Christmas and Josh because well Christmas can’t compete and Josh is easy to beat, he tells us that he might take Raven and Josh instead. Cutting Christmas out completely.

Matt is convinced that Raven is well protected by him and Paul and there is no way she won’t make it to F3 at least, little do they know they are pretty hit on the hit list. Meanwhile, Paul is having a conversation with Christmas about making fake F2 deals with him to calm him down. Paul then reveals that he met Raven at one of his bands’ shows in Arkansas, we already knew this with the picture she has on Instagram. After he starts talking about this, the feeds cut for a few minutes.

There is a lot of talk of things that the HGs have all talked about in the past, if Kevin was the hinky vote, how he is annoying everyone in the house, etc. Mark tries again with his campaigning to Christmas and Josh and gives them some good arguing points, but Josh points out that Mark turned on Cody who was his closest friend in the house and that doesn’t make him look very trustworthy. So, you wanted Mark to be loyal to you guys, but then us him turning his back on Cody to be loyal to you guys against him? Hypocritical much? Anyways…

Later, Paul and Alex try and talk Josh into calling out Kevin for his sketchy behavior, but Josh refuses to do this. He tells them that he has too much respect for Kevin to do something like that to him. Says it was different with Cody and Mark. Paul keeps egging him on trying to convince Josh that he shouldn’t have any respect for Kevin because Kevin doesn’t respect him. Josh stands his ground with Paul and tells him it’s never going to happen. I think Josh may have matured about 10 years in 2 weeks.

Mark comes back for campaign number…I don’t know, I lost count. He has some more great points for Christmas and Josh to listen to. He tells them that if they put Alex up instead of Mark then the house would be split 3-3 and this is going to be the best opportunity to get her out and split up a powerful team in the house. He isn’t wrong there. He also tells them that if they get rid of him this week, he is essentially a floater and has no one, they are just strengthening the other duos and it’s going to make it harder to get them out. He also tells them that if they keep him this week, he would be the biggest target, yet again which would keep Christmas and Josh out of the spotlight another week.

Of course Christmas goes back to Paul, because no on in this house wants to play their own game, and he tells her that going after Alex is a mistake. Why does everyone seek Paul’s approval? Don’t they realize that they are just carrying him through this game? What do you think about Mark’s campaign? Do you think he is making good selling points? Let me know!

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