Yesterday I held a Big Brother 19 poll asking you all to vote for your favorite Big Brother 2017 HG and the results are in! Keep reading my Big Brother 2017 spoilers to find out who you all voted for.

Big Brother 19 Poll Results: Top 5 Favorite Big Brother HGs - Week 2

Last week Paul was your favorite HG on Big Brother 19, where does he fall on this week’s list? Keep reading to find out. If you missed last week’s Big Brother 2017 poll results, you can find those here! Make sure you let me know what you think of this week’s list in the comments below!

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Are you ready to find out where your favorite HG fell on our list this week? Well here we go!

1.) Paul

Is anyone really surprised by this? I know I’m not. He still has a huge fan base regardless of the number of people that can’t stand the fact that Big Brother keeps bringing back veteran players. In my opinion, I do like his style of game play, I just wish another HG in the house possessed his skills at the game. I feel like he is at an unfair advantage and it makes it really hard for the new players to have a fighting chance.

2.) Christmas

She gained a spot from last week and I’m wondering if she might be the HG to worry about. Even with her injury she is showing that she is still a really big social threat in this game. She is having surgery on her foot today though and that will most likely change her game, but I think that she will coast on through until at least Jury.

3.) Kevin

Kevin fells a spot on the list but he wasn’t too far behind Christmas in the votes this week. He continues to make his moves pretty private, but he has been working with Paul a lot this week. That might be where the his votes dropped a little. I feel Kevin is still a very strong player because he doesn’t talk game much to everyone else in the house, but he has proven that he remembers everything that goes on. He could be a pretty big threat later in the game.

4.) Alex

Alex was playing into Paul’s hand this week but is continuing to make her own alliance and is talking about targeting a lot of the big threats in the game. She wants Christmas out as soon as possible and this is to protect her closest ally in the house, Jason. If Alex wins HOH this week, things could get very interesting!

5.) Cody

Believe it or not, Cody rounds out the top five. I’m not sure exactly how this happened, but it did. I will say that the majority of the votes went to the top four and he was pretty far behind Alex in the vote count. He played a very aggressive game and I feel like if he scaled it back a little he wouldn’t be in danger of going home.

Here is the rest of the list in order of where they fell in the voting:

  • Mark
  • Raven
  • Dominique
  • Matt
  • Ramses
  • Jason
  • Elena
  • Jessica
  • Josh

What do you think of this week’s rankings? Let me know in the comments below! Make sure you come back later for my live recap of tonight’s Veto Comp! You are not going to want to miss what happens!

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