After 36 hours of the Big Brother 20 feeds being down, the feeds were back up at 9pm BBT! We got confirmation on all the leaked information including who was nominated, who won the final POV and more. Keep reading our Big Brother live feeds recap to get all the Big Brother spoilers! Make sure you come back tonight to find out who is evicted from the Big Brother 20 house and who makes it to F3!

When the feeds came back up last night JC and Kaycee were in the HOH room and Tyler and Angela were cuddling in bed. Tyler and Angela were talking about how Tyler thinks whichever one of the stays will probably win. That was confirmation that they were on the block. Meanwhile, Kaycee and JC were celebrating that they will never have to see the inside of the Jury House now that both of them are in F3, which was our confirmation that Kaycee won the POV. Kaycee also mentions that her decision to evict either Tyler or Angela is hard for her because they are friends.

Tyler and Angela are talking and Tyler admits to Angela that he is a super fan. She then jokingly starts questioning him about him lying to her and starts asking him what else he has lied about. He tells her he didn’t lie, he just withheld information. She is faking being mad at him and he is playing along with it and joking back with her. He then tells her that he made the finals for BBOTT and he’s happy that he didn’t make it on that season. He also tells her that he met the winner of that season and her sister and they have become friends.

The talk turned to whether or not they were going to tell everyone about them. He tells her that he will tell everyone in his eviction speech and they go back and forth about whether he really should. She tells him that they are the most hated in the Jury House and no matter which one stays, JC or Kaycee will take them to F2 because of it. They also talk briefly about what would have happened if they kept Sam instead of JC. Tyler tells her they can’t think about that too much, there isn’t anything they can do about it. He later tells her that he has another secret to tell her, but he will tell her before this eviction.

Kaycee checked in with Angela a little later on to see how she and Tyler are doing. Angela tells her that she just doesn’t want to think about what has to happen. Kaycee tells her that this sucks because they are both her best friends and Angela tells her that they know that and whatever she decides to do, they understand. Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela then talk about if they should tell JC about L6 and they Tyler mentions doing it at the finale.

JC tells Kaycee that he wishes he can talk about his DR session with her because he is 50/50 about who should go based on the questions they were asking him. Production cuts in to remind them that they are not allowed to talk about their DR sessions with other HGs.

Later on, Tyler and JC talk and JC is telling Tyler that he is worried about Kaycee keeping Angela for F3. He tells Tyler that he feels good about an endurance comp against them, but he doesn’t think he can win a mental comp against them. Tyler told JC that he would talk to Kaycee and see what he can do. During this conversation, JC questions Tyler on if he would have voted out Angela if he won the POV and Tyler tells him that he promised he would and he would have stuck by that.

At midnight BBT last night, Kaycee and Tyler talked. They are talking about how they should have a hand signal for the first round of the final HOH to signal which of them should win it. They talk about how Tyler is worried that JC knows the dates and events well, but Kaycee tells Tyler that she thinks that JC will get flustered in the comp. She then congratulates Tyler on making F3. Kaycee tells Tyler that she is going to spend the night in the HOH with JC so that Angela and Tyler can have the downstairs.

It looks like Kaycee has made her decision and is staying true to her F2 with Tyler. Which means tonight during the eviction, Kaycee should vote to evict Angela.

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